In this amazing video Virtual President Bill Whittle explains in clear concise term, with unequivocal data, the fallacies of the gun control movement and the real reason we have a second amendment. It’s not to hunt, it’s not to protect us from criminals, it’s not even so we can protect ourselves from foreign terrorists. Watch this video and it all becomes strikingly clear.

While you are watching, will someone please ask Nancy Palosi to explain the difference between a semi-automatic assault weapon and a regular gun? I can’t figure it out. Neither can anyone else. Seven states have attempted to define “Assault Weapons” yet they all define them differently.

As far as I can tell, the main difference between my wimpy 22 and an assault rifle is how they look.

Assault weapons look mean, menacing, deadly. They have pistol grips, scopes, large magazines and often come in your choice of black or camo. The problem is that the brown wood 22 caliber semi-automatic rifle I use for shooting cans looks much more benign. It has no scope, no magazine hanging down, no pistol grip or shoulder strap, but, it holds more bullets than your “assault rifle” and it shoots just as fast. So, the problem is . . .

What exactly is the problem? As Bill Whittle explains in this video, politicians want to talk about gun control rather than crime control, and they so willingly ignore refuting data and the laws of our land in favor of their own personal agenda.

There is a reason the second amendment is second. Watch this video as factual evidence and historical truths make a bullet-proof case for the Second Amendment self-evident.