The Olympics have begun, some thoughts:

Am I the only one who thought the James Bond queen skydiving business was tacky?

If you are going to do pop culture of England over decades, can you do it without a single clip from Dr. Who a series that has been around nearly 50 years?

Michael Phelps broke the record as the greatest Olympic medal winner in history, yet earlier this week people are shocked SHOCKED that Michael Phelps failed to qualify in one of the Olympic races.

Guys he won a ton of medals last time, if he had never won another one he would still be one of the greatest Olympic athletes ever.

I swear the Vatican must be the just about only state that doesn’t field an Olympic team.  Then again what event would a priest have time to train for?

I’d actually like to see them in at least once Olympics, I’m sure they would be treated with less deference that certain other states are.


The IOC caved to Arab states by not permitting a moment of silence for the murdered Israeli athletes at the London Olympics.

Jacques Rogge capitulated to the 46-member bloc of Arab and Muslim countries because of the threat of Arab countries to boycott participation in the Games.

Spitzer, who jumpstarted an international campaign to garner a minute of silence at the London games, reported that Rogge told her that “his hands were tied” by the influence of the 46-member group.

Her rejoinder to Rogge: “No, my husband’s hands were tied, not yours.”

If the arabs wanted to leave the game, he should have said:  Fine, go, you can return when you learn the difference between barbarism and civilization.

Unfortunately not only was such an impossible thought not forthcoming but at the insistence of the Lebanese team a barrier was erected between them and the Israeli athletes.

This is simple cowardice, it is why the barbarians will continue to approach the gates and will end when the people cry enough, and not before.


Let the record show that both Bob Costas and the Italian teams showed more guts than the IOC


Speaking of cowardice the whole Chick–Fil-A business reeks of cowardice and opportunism.  Michael Graham noted it best when he pointed out the contradiction of welcoming a mosque that preached death to gays while denouncing a restaurant that supports the actual definition of marriage.

Apparently it’s OK to kill gays as long as you let them marry first.

What was that line from the African queen:

By the authority granted to me by his Imperial Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm the Second I pronounce you man and wife – proceed with the execution.

I was on a radio show this weekend where a caller bluntly said anyone who doesn’t support gay marriage is a racist.

Apparently every US president who ever lived was a racist until recently, so was Barack Obama.  So was every member of the media who didn’t back the idea just 20 years ago or less.

There is nothing so intolerant than a tolerant leftist.

On Twitter Dana Loesch noted a comment by the Mayor of Philly


I don’t see why anyone is surprised.  I seem to remember the democrats being big on telling people they weren’t welcome if they advanced idea they didn’t like, you know people like James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner,

The real big shock that Amanda Marcotte and Robert Stacy McCain are on the same page concerning restricting chick-Fil-A,  I suppose both are thinking in terms of broken clocks.


There is a lot of fuss being made about Dick Cheney saying Sarah Palin was a bad pick in 2008.  I think the anger is misguided for a couple of reasons, first of all to a traditional pol like Cheney that’s not an unreasonable statement, she was certainly less qualified in terms of experience that Joe Biden, but not less qualified that Barack Obama. (However talentwise she outstripped them both)

Additionally Cheney has served well, but like everyone makes the occasional mistake, I’m going to go spastic because he happens to get one wrong.


Me I think Palin was an incredible pick, think of all of the races that were won by Palin’s endorsement in 2010 and think of Tuesday.  She endorsed Ted Cruz back in May.  Monday the MSM was reporting the race was “tight”

Cruz won by 13 points.

That’s Sarah Palin, Political venture capitalist

During the 2008 Race Sarah Palin earned political capital with the voters. She spoke plainly and honestly and won her base over. After the campaign she wrote her best selling book and she and her family found themselves comfortable.

She could have sat back, after all her books and TV series were popular and profitable, she could have held court and been courted by pols all over the country and been a standard visit on the “Pay homage to get elected” tours.

Instead she took her political capital and invested it.


Tip O’Neil used to tell the story of Tom Harkin back when he was in the House, he was in an iffy district for Dems and was getting a lot of pressure on a vote for labor they were threatening to primary him when Tip called in Labor and quipped that he had only voted against them three times in his time in congress saying how amazing it was that in all those year there were only three times Labor got it wrong.

Unfortunately that broke the ice and that’s how the difference between Tom Harkin as a former congressman and Tom Harkin as a longtime Senator from Iowa today.


The Huff post ran an interview with Harry Reid yesterday, in it Reid claims a person at Bain told him Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years.

Amazingly 3rd party rumor made the Washington Post

Harry Reid: Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years


I’m fairly new to the world of writing but even I know basic standards:

Mind you the Washington post isn’t citing an unnamed source that has talked to them, they are reporting that someone else (Harry Reid) claims that an unnamed source said something.

I don’t claim to have been in this business all that many years, but I know enough that I can’t report hearsay.

Stacy McCain IS a real reporters and says this:

This is one of those “too-good-to-check” situations, and there are obvious problems with Reid’s claim. Isn’t the provenance of the claim intrinsically suspicious? How the hell would an investor in Bain Capital know how much taxes Mitt Romney paid? (Phil Klein made this point.) And why would a Bain investor call Harry Reid to make this claim? Who is this mysterious investor who’s got Harry Reid on speed-dial? Do they talk regularly? What else has he told Harry?

These questions — who, what, when, where, why, how? — are obvious, as I say, and reporters are supposed to ask them. However, if it is now the practice of the WaPo to repeat anything said by anybody on the Internet, why isn’t Ed O’Keefe quoting Allahpundit?

By the way, some random guy on the Internet told me Obama was born in Kenya. Now, do I know that’s true? Well, I’m not certain. But let me just toss it out there.


I’ve written about China’s ghost cities and my opinion that  before Rob Eno of Red Mass Group noting Elizabeth Warren’s China quip put together this video

We have serious problems here but China is one big bubble waiting to burst and that is what Elizabeth Warren


Finally the left is in shock over the Pope appointing “The Father of Prop 8” as the Arch Bishop of San Francisco

This is juxtaposed against the Episcopal Church’s endorsement of cross dressing clergy & same sex marriage.

The media keeps pushing the Catholic Church to go in the direction of the Episcopalians but where has this direction gotten them?

This is no longer George Washington’s Episcopal Church – in 1776 the largest denomination in the rebellious British colonies. Membership has dropped so dramatically that today there are 20 times more Baptists than Episcopalians.

U.S. Catholics out-number the Episcopal Church 33-to-1. There are more Jews than Episcopalians. Twice as many Mormons as Episcopalians. Even the little African Methodist Episcopal denomination — founded in in 1787 — has passed the Episcopalians.

Seeing these results, is it any wonder that when our liberal friends advise us to follow the path of the  Episcopal church we have the same suspicion that Snow White should have had when the old women offered her the apple.


See you next week