After 9 years and $92,543,413 LeBron James has finally won an NBA title. Our long national nightmare is over.

One of my favorite writers Jay Nordlinger is in Taiwan. His Taiwan Journal is on part 10th You should read them all but all the 10 parts there was one bit that jumped out at me:

When I reflect on the development of Taiwan since 1945, or 1949, I can’t help thinking, “This is what China — all of China — could have had. This is what China could be, and even greater. Sure, they have something like mercantilism now. But they are still a one-party dictatorship with a gulag. And there are still countless people living in caves. It didn’t need to be, it didn’t need to be.”

How many years and lives has Communism gobbled and wasted, for almost a century now, throughout the globe!

And that’s true of every communist state. It’s not just the evil, it’s the waste. Where would Mainland China be if it was free and hadn’t slaughtered tens of millions. How far would the Russians have been if the USSR had not done the same? All of that was done in the interest of the few yet the same people who decry the 1% in America supported those who did the slaughter.

Campbell Brown in the New York Times does something that almost never happens in the paper, she hits Planned Parenthood. Not of course for their slaughter of children (that she supports but minimizes) but because of ideological purity to the point where they are a one party operation:

Once again, Planned Parenthood is potentially making an enemy of someone who has failed to pass its purity test. It’s gotten to the point where, in this election cycle, the group’s political arm (while proudly claiming to be nonpartisan) has not endorsed or directly given money to a single Republican. As a person who believes abortions should be safe, legal and rare, I support many of Planned Parenthood’s goals. But the militancy must go. Demanding a perfect record from candidates it supports has already left Planned Parenthood marginalized.

It’s the rare part that I continue to not understand from our pro-abortion side. If Abortion is not the killing of an innocent person who cares if it is rare or not?

Of course those killed are mostly of poor and of color, that seems to happen a lot when the right people are trying to look good, remember the ban on DDT:

Malaria rates began soaring worldwide, not only in Africa but in areas which a few years earlier had been malaria-free. Only a small number of nations with the financial ability to fund their own programs, such as Ecuador, Mexico, and South Africa, continued DDT use. In all cases, these countries remained healthy. (The Clinton administration demanded that Mexico give up DDT as a condition for NAFTA being put into effect. This was done, and malaria rates shot sky-high.)

Despite clear evidence as to the effects, international aid groups such as the World Health Organization and USAid ceased supporting DDT operations. By the mid-80s, malaria had reached and surpassed previous levels. Up to 500 million people were suffering attacks each year. Two to three million of them died as a result. Up to nine-tenths of the dead were children under five.


But why would one have outrage over lives of a bunch of African children compared to the feelings of a bunch of environmentalists who will never be in danger of this disease feeling good about themselves?

Speaking of outrage If you only read or see one piece about Operation fast and furious make sure it is this one by Bill Whittle:

To those liberals who say this is a tempest in a teapot, it’s just gottch ya politics just political posturing or simple racism. Let me just say this, we know who the real racists are here. You don’t give a damn about these dead people because they’re only Mexicans to you they’re certainly not worth politically hurting your messiah over. If these had been 300 graphic designers in San Francisco and a university president instead of friendless peasants and a law enforcement officer you would have dragged a Republican president out of the White House with torches and pitchforks and you would have been right to do so.

He tells the media: This is Watergate with 300 dead people on the ground.

He’s almost right, it’s actually Watergate as it would have been if the media of the time spent a year covering up for the president, with three hundred 300 dead people on the ground for good measure.

But hey it’s much more important to feel good about re-electing the first president of the United States to happen to have a black father.

Incidentally did you hear the latest about Mayor Cory Booker? Just a couple of months after saving a neighbor from a burning building he turns up at the scene of an accident to help out. He’s building quite a reputation and that not even counting what he’s done for his city as mayor of Newark.

Sometimes I think to myself how things would have been different If the media had vetted Obama and the public had rejected him instead of the left being swept away in 2008. Can you imagine the difference if say in 2020 Cory Booker had been the first Black President instead?

As I’ve said before there is a reason why Jackie Robinson and not Pumpsie Green broke the color line in baseball but what’s done is done and everyone, even a country deserves a mulligan.


Speaking of mulligans I wonder if the person who had the idea of the Obama Wedding Registry will be given one? It was so improbable that people were writing to to see if it was a hoax. I was at Tang Dynasty Restaurant a place that features not only excellent curry but free wi-fi when I saw it, my next stop was a Bakery where a couple getting married didn’t believe me when I told them this until I actually showed them the site.

The numbers of potential jokes from this are incalculable. Are we going to be seeing panhandlers who will produce IPADS asking you to donate to Obama instead of asking for a buck for coffee? Lemonade stands where kids give their money to Obama? Will they run Ads with poor starving children on the screen with people asking you to give generously to the president re-election campaign?

How do you parody this kind of thing?

Remember when Jon Huntsman was MSNBC’s first choice for the GOP nomination, well Dave Weigel reports he has now been made a distinguished fellow at the liberal Brookings Institute.

As Captain Renault once said, I’m shocked SHOCKED!

A little Kimberiln? Yesterday a judge in MD granted a temporary stay to the gag order on Aaron Worthing/Walker allowing him to write/blog about Brett Kimberlin. Less that 24 hours later he was swatted. He had interesting words for the police who showed up:

“I actually said, “let me guess, someone claimed I shot my wife…?” One officer confirmed it, and I said, “this is a hoax.” I think I even said the word “swatting.”

Congratulations Kimberlin dopes you now have given people an excuse to contact every congressman and woman who signed Saxby Chambliss’ letter for comment, AND every congressman who Didn’t sign the letter for comment and to ask if they want to sign it.

And that’s not even talking Stacy McCain’s latest revelations


I’m the owner of a very old IPOD that I bought used 2 years or so ago. I use it exclusively for Dr. Who audios (and about 27 TV episodes) I’m down to my last 2 gigs or so out of my 80 gigsa few odd TV episodes. Back in my younger days I used to wonder how people had so much need for a 80 gig or a 200 gig iPod, I don’t any more.


Rockets are still falling on Israel regularly, it’s reached a point where it is only news to the MSM if the Israeli’ s shoot back and sometimes not even then.

I suspect once a Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt is aiding them it will become more interesting to the world.

As far as the media is concerned it will STILL be Israel’s fault then.

I’d like to close with a line I heard from a young lady that I was meeting with concerning doing sales for the radio show/blog. As anyone in sales knows for every “Yes” get comes at the cost of dozens to hundreds of “No”s. She was asked if she could deal with that. Her answer perfectly encapsulates where the Economy is today.

“I’m not a person whose discouraged by rejection I graduated in 2010 .“

I suspect that attitude is going to pay off for this generation in the long run

See you next week.