If a Super PAC doesn’t raise any money does it become a mediocre PAC with different Tax Rules?


Last week’s big news is the Supreme court’s 5-4 ruling on Obamacare yet, as you might guess I’m not too fond of it but electorally I see this as a disaster for the left

The president has been giving individual organization wavers. Mitt Romney has already said he will give the entire country a waiver to Obamacare. This means that in 2016 the democrat candidate will have to revoke that waiver in order to implement it.

So every four years the question will be before the American People: “Do you want Obamacare implemented or not?”, until it is implemented or repealed.

Democrats this is the political ground you wanted, I hope you enjoy it.

It’s actually funny to watch the left go after Romney for acknowledging the reality of the situation.

Well, I said that I agreed with the dissent. And the dissent made it very clear that they felt it was unconstitutional. But the dissent lost — it’s in the minority. And so now the Supreme Court has spoken. And while I agreed with the dissent, that’s taken over by the fact that the majority of the Court said it is a tax, and therefore it is a tax. They have spoken. There is no way around that.

When you are reduced to hitting Romney for saying what the Supreme Court said is what it said, that’s gotta be a bad sign for the left.


Victor Davis Hanson Wrote a piece full of worry and woe concerning election 2012 that prompted a long reply from me that said in part:

Yes we have to work hard, yes we can’t slack and yes I do expect these folks to be fight so dirty as to make a mud hole look like a bidet, but perception doesn’t trump reality. Cripes the president just won the biggest victory of his presidency in the supreme court and vulnerable democrats are still running away.

Now you might see the odd democrat in comparatively safe seat such as Nikki Tsongas.

willing to own Obamacare but I’m pretty sure you won’t be seeing candidates in swing districts doing this.

I wonder if she would be so confident if she realized that the GOP was spending 2.2 million dollars on congressional races on Boston TV.

Run that through your head a second in a year when Democrats can’t even pay for their own convention, a year when the president is reduced to begging newly weds for a share of their dowry and birthday money the GOP finds their prospects good enough to put 2.2 mill into the pot in Massachusetts.

Another interesting difference, look at that Tsongas interview, I asked her about the Swattings and she wasn’t familiar with them meanwhile…

When the time for my question came I mentioned the Aaron Walker Swatting asking if they would sign onto senator Chambliss’ letter if elected and would support a new such letter assuming a president Romney won. Their answers were notable in several ways.

Firstly they all knew about the issue. That might not seem odd but in the last 48 hours I’ve talked to more than a dozen offices of house and senate members for comment and the majority of the offices I spoke to had no idea what SWATTING was, yet all three of these potential congressmen knew about the issue and spoke forcibly on the subject

That says something doesn’t it?


If that isn’t enough for somebody to worry about this interview was interesting

Remember when the left was marrying itself to the occupods and I said this:

I keep expecting some elder statesman of the left to play Admiral Akbar, and shout to the Democrats who are jumping on the Occupy bandwagon: “It’s a trap!” But it looks like there aren’t any adults left to do so.

The adults never came but the media has conveniently forgotten the democrat party’s love affair with the occupods.

Hopefully the GOP will be running ads all this fall to remind them..


How bad are things at CNN? They were likely the only people in the world who thought Anderson Cooper telling people he was gay was news.

“Coming Out” has become a cheap way to get a little press from the MSM. Every few months you hear about some person who doesn’t have a show or a prospect of a show. (David Ogden Stiers being the latest). Considering the culture of the entertainment industry that has all the bravery of jumping in front of a bandwagon.

Now if Anderson Cooper announced he was straight (like Dan Riehl), THAT would have been news and if he came out as a Believing Roman Catholic Republican, that would be an act of bravery.


Speaking of ratings I’ve talked about what an Instalanche is. For those unfamiliar this is what it does to your stats here is an example


I bring this up because Robert Stacy McCain is now in his 48th day of covering the Brett Kimberlin story knocking off a total of 60 posts. Glenn Reynolds has instalanched him 42 times in that 48 days.

In my experience an Instalanche brings anywhere from 5000-10,000 hits the first day and say another 10-20% of that number the next, say 5500-12,000 hits overall, multiply that by 42 days and you get between 231,000 & 504,000 in 42 days.

Considering how much attention a single instalanche brings. Can you imagine regularly daily instalanches brings to a subject that people might wish are not discussed?

Kimberlin must be kicking himself for contacting Mrs. The Other McCain’s employer.

Politically this is going to end very badly for them.

Meanwhile Aaron Worthing/Walker has his court day the 5th. On the 4th he told of the hearing that led to his silencing:

I have gotten some criticism for representing myself. I won’t say I was the most stellar advocate. Not all lawyers are trial lawyers, and I know I am not one of the great ones yet. I hope to change that with experience. But at the same time, I think I did an adequate job. I don’t believe I lost because of a poor presentation. I believe I lost because the judge disregarded the law, and it is hard to see how a more experienced lawyer could have forced a judge to follow Supreme Court precedent. But maybe that is just my ego talking; I report, you decide.


But there was a more basic reason why I didn’t hire a lawyer. You shouldn’t have to hire a lawyer, damn it—doubly so when you are unemployed. You shouldn’t have to pay money in order to maintain your freedom. That’s not freedom! Judges in the district courts should have been sufficiently solicitous of the First Amendment that they should not have allowed a man like Kimberlin to penalize a person for protected speech.


Read the entire thing. That we are at a point where he even has to have a 2nd hearing simply amazes me.


I spent a good chunk of my 4th with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a bit just sitting and talking with our spouses.

The older I get the more things like this become appealing.


Finally , there are reports that John Roberts changed his vote on Obamacare, first preparing to overturn it and then around May changing his mind.

Now if Justice Roberts wants to change is mind based on the law, or the court arguments or some other precedent that’s fine, but if the chief justice of the supreme court changed his ruling either because of pressure from the left. That’s just cowardice.


If the above is true than Justice Roberts has earned the nickname “Old Yellowstain”, but lets take it one step further. Let’s say he didn’t make the change because of pressure from the left. What if he thought it would be politically advantageous to the right and rules that way accordingly.

That would not only be a national disgrace but an insult to every person who has sat on a jury sequestered from their family.


I’ve said it before the everybody deserves a Mulligan and I can give Roberts one here, but if he thought he was going to make friends on the left by doing this, he’s is pretty gullible.

Hope you enjoyed the 4th, see you next week.