Neal Armstrong is dead.

For all of our celebrity culture there are in reality very few people who will be remembered for generations after they are gone.

Neil Armstrong was one of those people.

How did Barack Obama remember Armstrong?  With a photo of himself, not a photo of him with Armstrong, but with a photo of Obama looking in space.

Says a lot doesn’t it?


I’ve been saying for a year that Barack Obama is in trouble, it’s finally reached the point where some other conservatives are seeing the same thing and saying it publicly

the hardest people to convince has not been the left who is doing their best to pretend it isn’t happening but the right who can’t bring themselves to admit they are winning for fear that something anything might happen to blow it.

But now look. You have John Nolte from Breitbart openly saying on one of the most significant sites on the right Obama is losing. You have Erick Erickson from CNN bluntly saying these are signs of panic in his campaign and you have Nice Deb a blogger highly respected throughout the net daring to believe and say what’s been apparent for a while.

And it’s getting harder and harder for the left to pretend this isn’t happening as the Lonely Conservative notes:

Despite a laughable D +9 sample in the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, Mitt Romney is still ahead of President Obama by one point. Imagine what it would look like with a realistic sample?

It’s things like this that cause Chris Matthews to go spastic,

Oh and that poll…it’s a post Todd Akin poll.


Speaking of things that make the left panic, the Documentary 2016 is doing something documentaries are not supposed to do, well at the box office

The Hollywood Reporter says that 2016: Obama’s America grossed “a stellar $6.3 million” as it ran in theaters nationwide, beating three new studio films.

Having opened in just a few theaters earlier this month, Obama’s America has now raked in a total of $9.2 million.

It is now the most financially successful conservative documentary of all time, and could wind up one of the must lucrative documentaries.

I saw the movie Monday night, a manager at the theatre told me it was doing well enough that they may hold it over at least for another weekend.  My thoughts on the picture are here

I’m thinking this movie would have a lot lesser effect if the media had not left a void in the background of Barack Obama the candidate for Dinesh D’Sousa to fill in with Obama’s own words.

Then again they likely suspect that if they didn’t leave that void there would be no President Barack Obama period.  I disagree, they could have spun it enough to manage.

Of course some people like Trevor Loudon are more blunt on the subject of the left:


In all the political news that is dominating the airwaves there is one story that has received scant attention:  Egyptian tanks and troops in the Sinai Peninsula.

In an apparent response to comments Tuesday by Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, who said Israel must ensure that every letter of the peace treaty is enforced, Yadlin said there is no need to latch on to every letter of the agreement.

“What the Egyptians are doing in Sinai today is a more significant effort than in the past to deal with terrorism,” Yadlin said. “So long as the operation is widespread and focused against terrorism, I think we need to look at this realistically.”

Yeah after all we know the Muslim Brotherhood is reliable and trustworthy.

My biggest fear frankly isn’t an Israeli strike on Iran.  It’s Egypt deciding that they will use this as a pretense to beef up Tanks etc in Sinai contravening the treaty and pushing it to the limit with Israel and the Jewish state reaching the point where they find it necessary to react a-la 1967.

If you aren’t thinking of this, you ought to be


It’s rare that I visit Little Green Footballs these days and even rarer that I link them but when I saw the following story at the guardian

The death of pro-Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie was a “regrettable accident” for which the state of Israel was not responsible, a judge has ruled, dismissing a civil lawsuit brought by the family.

The young American had “put herself in a dangerous situation” and her death was not caused by the negligence of the Israeli state or army, said Judge Oded Gershon at Haifa district court.

I had to look.

You see if you were a reader of LGF back in the day LGF had very little respect for the foolish Miss Corrie referring to her as “St. Pancake” as she placed herself in front of a bulldozer for the Palestinians.

I was curious to see how they would play this ruling at the “New” LGF so I actually went to the site.  They had a barebones with an excerpt from the Jerusalem post story by a fellow named Randall Gross and a mixed message in comments as of this writing.

No reaction from Charles Johnson himself but It’s interesting to see there is still a Pro-Israel block on the site.

As for the meat of the ruling:

  The judge rules the driver couldn’t see her and was not responsible.

Corrie is the epitome of the “Useful Idiot” and her death made the “Useful” status permanent.


Instapundit linked to this story by the Anchoress about the new “hookup culture” among young women:

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that these younger women rely on hook-ups for impersonal sexual gratification so they can set their sights on career, money and power without personal encumbrances; no clinging vines requiring their company or their humanity; no kids to distract them from the office and their pursuit of the brass ring — or the brass idol.

How utterly depressing. The sexual revolution and its illusory notion of “having it all” has folded in upon itself to forge a chain-link of perfect irony: 21st Century women have become precisely the shallow, insincere, career-fixated, corporate people-users that early feminists decried.

Women were going to teach men how to be human, remember? Instead, they’ve become everything they claimed to hate.

Now, all they need is a wife to raise the kids

It linked to a second piece from July that was just… amazing

When “Girls” hit this spring, I was shocked by how true the show rang to my life—not my old life as a post-collegiate single girl but my new one, as a married, monogamous, home-owning mother. My generation of moms isn’t getting shocking HPV news (we’re so old we’ve cleared it), or having anal sex with near-strangers, or smoking crack in Bushwick. But we’re masturbating excessively, cheating on good people, doing coke in newly price-inflated townhouses, and sexting compulsively—though rarely with our partners. Our children now school-aged, our marriages entering their second decade, we are avoiding the big questions—Should I quit my job? Have another child? Divorce?—by behaving like a bunch of crazy twentysomething hipsters. Call us the Regressives.

* * *

Why do moms in my generation regress, whether by drugging, cheating, or going out too late and too often? Because everything our children thrive on—stability, routine, lack of flux, love, well-paired parents—feels like death to those entrusted with their care.

I have plenty of problems in my life but I don’t know a single person like this.

You know people wonder why the Catholic Church and it’s doctrines have survived for so many centuries, it’s because the promises of nonsense like feminism have and always will be empty while the promises of God are eternal.

Speaking of the church did you see Cardinal Dolan is now invited to give the closing prayer at the DNC as well? Can’t wait to see the crowd shots.


On a lighter note Dr. Who will be back this Saturday and the BBC is putting out a daily 60 second bits as a prelude to the episode, here is Tuesday’s

I take a lot of teasing for my Dr. Who fandom, I still maintain it is the best science fiction series of all time.

Finally last week in my Examiner piece I introduced Sarah the Obama voter who had decided to switch, the RNC has a new video out along the same lines called “Switchers”.

To counter these switchers the DNC will be featuring Charlie Crist endorsing Obama at his convention next week, the same Charlie Crist who said four years ago that Sarah Palin was more qualified than Barack Obama.

I’ll take Sarah and those folks in the GOP ad to Charlie Crist any day.