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5.18.19 Conservatively Speaking

Joe Mangiacotti takes your calls and breaks down the latest political news. Joe talks about the unraveling of Spy-gate… the latest facts coming to light. Also commentary on Immigration, taxes and Trump Deranged Syndrome… harassment of Conservatives all across the board.

Missouri College Student goes cray cray over the MEGA hat… slow your roll Mary

What does the MEGA hat mean to you? It was a campaign slogan… not referencing “Race” .. but to make American great again.. with low unemployment, job creation and leading the world in manufacturing and tech innovations. Household Income increasing and quality of life. All the things the campaign ran on.. you can debate how…

8.18.18 Geoff Deihl will join us at 7 am

Great show lined up for the today. 6 am – Whose economy is it? Has the last 18 months of President Trump caused the lowest unemployment in years and a high GDP, growth we’ve not seen in years and revenue beyond estimation? Or was it Obama who laid path to recovery? The Geoff Deihl will…