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Dec 14th, 2019

Welcome to The Joe Mangiacotti Show.. this is the audio from December 14th, 6 am to 8 am.

Oct 12th, 2019

On today’s show.. Joe starts with the Minnesota Rally Trump held.. he was on fire.. the protests that followed. The hoax impeachment..and Biden’s crime family China, the NBA and other major corps.. special guest Roslyn Layton joined us on today’s show.. we talked about Tik Tok and other threat from Chinese cyber spying.

October 5th 2019

Hey folks.. did you miss the debut show of The Joe Mangiacotti Show? No worries.. you can catch in anytime on JoeMangiShow.com, Sound cloud, Twitter and Facebook. Joe kicks off the first TJM Show .. after 13 years as Conservatively Speaking Joe goes to weekend mornings.. 6 am to 8 am 7 am Sen Mike…

Sept 28th, 2019

This show is the first “soft open” of The Joe Mangiacotti Show.. thank you for sticking with us as we begin this new chapter! On today’s show Joe talks about the Impeachment proceeding with out really proceeding. You need a house vote to do it, and they just went on a 2 week hiatus The…

There are good people on each side… their always is.

During a recent show, my guest .. a sitting State Senator once again called the President a “Racist”. He said the Prez said they were good people. That did not sit well. As a matter of fact, it bothered me. Trump was not saying the Nazis, White Supremacists or Racists are “good” people. Not at…