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2.2.19 What is coming up on Saturday’s show

Lots to talk about today.. unemployment numbers are in.. they are great.. the Wall Debate continues, totally political Ridiculous Abortion Bills …. nothing short of Murder Plus Out With Joe and Handling change

1.5.19 First Show of 019 – Politically Speaking, the Wall and the Shutdown

We’ll be talking about the “Wall” in the first hour of today’s show. Join us from 6 am to 8 am on WCRN 830 AM .. live stream on the TuneIn app. Follow us on Social Media @YourRightTalk

Handling Change kicks off during Conservatively Speaking… Paul Hundley joins the show

  Paul Hundley, A senior financial adviser from Lighthouse Capital joins us this morning to discuss personal finance and the things you should be thinking when thinking about retirement.   March 31st, 2018