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@FeeTradeBryan – The Joe Mangiacotti Show

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10.06.18 Podcast – USMC Trade agreement and Kavenaugh aftermath

We started off with some post disccusion about the Bret Kavenaugh nomination. Has this forever changed the SCOTUS nomination process? Hour two we look at the USMC New Trade Agreement, Bryan Riley of NTU joins us to talk about the good, bad and ugly of this and NAFTA. Oct 6th 2018

10.16.18 Bryan Riley will join us to discuss the USMC agreement recently signed

Bryan Riley is Director of NTU’s newly minted Free Trade Initiative. Bryan’s background includes years of research on the impact trade has on people in the United States. He has led grassroots campaigns in support of initiatives like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and in opposition to special-interest efforts to get the government…