The US is presently $16.2 Trillion in debt and continues to spend over $1Trillion more than revenue each year. Congress has abdicated their responsibility and is leaving the mess up to President Obama and Rep. Boehner to resolve. The latest threat is to reduce the cost of living for Social Security recipients. Sure take it out on the elderly. For all this politicking and posturing their ultimate goal is to reduce our debt by $1Trillion over 10 years. Even more absurdly, President Obama wants a permanent removal of the debt ceiling. He wants to become dictator of spending. If Congress continues to increase the debt ceiling we will never get spending and debt under control. Congress must not continue to abdicate its power. How about eliminating our debt in the next ten years?

On the spending side of operations, the 545 geniuses in Washington are doing their best to perpetuate the deficit. The NY Times reports today that the Pentagon is sending an additional $700 million to Pakistan because they let us station troupes on the border. Again this is in addition to the over $2 billion annual payoff to Pakistan. Senator Kerry has co-authored a law authorizing a $7.5 billion payout to Pakistan over 5 years.

According to Rand Paul, Congress authorized $1.3 billion in aid to the Muslin Brotherhood, also know as Egypt, in March of this year. On December 11, 2012 Fox News reported that President Obama sent 20 F16 fighter jets worth $218 million to the Muslim Brotherhood/Egypt. I hope our pilots don’t end up facing off against our own technology over Egypt’s air space.

For the 2013 year, according to, we plan to give $1.4 billion to Libya, $1.5 billion to Egypt, $2.2 billion to Pakistan, $670 million to Jordan and, believe this or not, $52 million to Russia. Not counting all the other countries and the other forms of aid not included, this amounts to well over $60 billion over ten years going to questionable “friends.” Over $60 billion in ethanol subsidies and who knows how much in other out of date subsidies (handouts) should also be on the chopping block. There is no talk of cutting handouts to our foreign “friends” or to those who will not work here in America. It is time to hear about real spending reform.

Do you realize that of the approximate 870,000 new jobs created over the past few months, 75% of them were new federal employees? Simply put, every one private sector taxpaying employee hired must support three additional federal salaries. Spending like this cannot be sustained. How can Congress allow this irrational spending over and over again?

We need a balanced budget, a reduction in the debt ceiling, a smaller federal government, cuts to handouts, foreign and domestic, investment in and not more taxes on the private sector, incentives to work, term limits and a Congress with guts.