March 1st, 2020 – Debut of Faith In America

On today’s show… in the first our Cameo Media, our Production company, premieres Faith In America. FIA will be on 6 am to 7 am every Sunday going forward.

Faith in America with Rev Pete

This is the debut show of Faith In America

On this episode I talk with Fr. Joseph K Grieboski about restoring civility to our political, theological, and everyday lives. In the second half Fr. Joe and I speak about the season of Lent.

Faith in America Radio Program will air on Boston Radio WCRN 830 am and Springfield Radio WACE on Sunday’s at 6:00 am and will stream online at

Faith in America will meet at the crossroads of faith and society from a progressive to liberal point of view.

In the second hour, 7 am, we return to The Joe Mangiacotti Show

We take your calls of course. Joe touches on The Coronavirous and President Trump’s handling of it.

Joe points out the Kentucky State Senate seat flipped to Republican after decades of being held by the Democrats… this was a special election.

We also look at the “Black” vote in America and as a Democratic Voting Block.

Joe also points out Voter Fraud… and advocates for Voter ID… Dems upset with foreign interference with elections.. but the most blatant Voter Tampering is NO VOTER ID.. it is not a myth!

11 Chinese Nationals found hiding in the furniture and appliances of a moving truck at the Southern Border.. in San Diego CA