Lawrence Fedewa, Washington Times Conservative Political Writer will be joining us in hour 2. at 7:00 am Saturday.

“Dr. Larry” Fedewa, Ph.D. (FEE’-dah-wah) is a
commentator on political and social issues of the day with
over 150 columns in The Washington Times, Fox
News/Opinion, and You Tube, among others. He has been
a college president, an international technology executive,
and an entrepreneur. Dr. Larry has worked with railroads,
emerging nations, and labor unions, and with professors,
managers, politicians, and teachers. As a speaker, he has
addressed international audiences on both technical issues

and current events. He lives on an Arabian horse farm
near Washington DC.
Currently, political columnist for the Richfield Press and
radio talk show host of “The Dr. Larry Show” on Blog Talk Radio. P
@LawrenceFedewa Conservatively Speaking Cameo Media

Dr Larry