The stellar SPEAKER LIST continues to expand with ultra Conservative Steve King (R-IA)

and Barbara from Harlem coming aboard.

Even if you’ve read our previous 603 Alerts, please take a few minutes to review our update.

The 603 alliance’s mission is truly unique and innovative. If fully implemented, it will serve as

a template for other “swing states” and help to elect a Conservative President in 2016.

Updated News Alert — A new organization, the 603 Alliance ( has

recently been formed. The “603” refers to New Hampshire’s area code. The group has already attracted national

attention (

In addition to the restoration of a constitutionally-based government, it intends to unite like-minded voters in support

of the most viable conservative presidential candidate committed to liberty, free enterprise and personal responsibility.

The organization will hold a Fall Caucus to select a true conservative candidate to compete against any Establishment

moderate – thus preventing a candidate like Jeb Bush from winning the first-in-the-nation February primary (e.g., McCain).

An important condition: To become a member of the Alliance, and to assure unity, activists must pledge to support the

winner of the October Caucus. By coalescing around the winner early, whether it’s Cruz, Paul or Walker, we will gain the

political advantage/momentum to propel our candidate to victory in the February, 2016 primary.

You are Invited – In response to the Alliance’s invitation, Massachusetts activists are stepping up to lend an assist.

We recognize the importance of New Hampshire as a key player in the primary process, and it’s role as a “swing state”.

The Rollout – This Sunday, April 19th, the 603 Alliance will be holding its first major event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel,

2 Somerset Parkway in Nashua, from 9 am to 3 pm. The cost is $12 prepaid or $15 at the door, which includes

continental breakfast and a box lunch.

Register at:

The confirmed speakers include:

* Republican Representative Steve King from Iowa​

* Sharron Angle, former candidate against Harry Reid in Nevada
* Former NY Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey, authority on ObamaCare
* Jack Kimball, political activist and former NH-GOP Chairman
* Trevor Loudon, author of “The Enemy Within”
* Barbara from Harlem​

* Bill O’Brien, NH State Rep. and former Leader of the House
* Aaron Day, National Chairman of the Atlas Society
* Jessica Vaughan, Center for Immigration Studies

​ and a host of other​ dynamic speakers​.

P.S. If you are interested in joining the 603 Alliance, but unable to attend Sunday’s rollout,

contact John O’Mara or 508.393.2044.