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Department of Justice has charged a Massachusetts judge and a courtroom officer with obstruction of justice after the pair reportedly assisted a twice-deported illegal alien escape out the back door of a courtroom while an agent from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency was forced to remain outside.

Hear a lot of talk about voting.. voters in particular.. this movement to let illegal immigrants and legal immigrants votes ..and now let incarcerated people.. Where is this push coming from.. is it the left doesn’t think they can win on … from the common sense citizen.. so they need to increase the fringe.. the ones who directly benefit from the Left position in power?

Census question

GDP.. great numbers.. best ever 3.2 % .. smashed records.. new just out.. grew solid. Topping forecast 2.5% 5 consecutive quarters growing.. higher than expected.
(Dems try to say it’s building on BO growth..lol)
Economy strong ..takes away talking points of socialism.. lol
Approval rating not jumping high.. why is that.. it’s risen and is steady.. media bias smashing him?

Trump on Hannity – Trump on spying on him:
Ukraine. New president have info they colluded with Hillary..