We will have a great show tomorrow. Recently Papa John’s founder, John Schnatter resigned as chairman of the board. This was a result of him on a call with marketing agency Laundry Service when he tried to downplay comments he made about the National Football League last fall by saying, ‚ÄúColonel Sanders called blacks n—–s” and never faced any public backlash at KFC.

So he was using the “N” word in this context. Is it taboo to use this word and others deemed racist or hurtful in any context? Is that Whitewashing our history?

Are we to remove all statues and monuments of slave owners, Confederate soldiers, and commanders? Are we to re-write history to the point we don’t recognize it and what generations to come to learn are in fact falsehoods?

Schnatter was on a call with a Marketing company to learn how to avoid public embarrassment and mistakes. But it’s that call that put him once again in the crosshairs. How does one make the point he was making if one has to pretend the word does not exist? Do we lose the power of the word if we can not acknowledge it?

We will talk about Schnatter’s resignation, the reason for it and the whitewashing of America.

Papa John’s Founder Used N-Word On Conference Call