July 26th 2020 Post

TOFY – Today’s Observation For You

Importance of our Elections

For Today’s Observation for you.. Today we are 100 days from the 2020 Presidential Elections. This election, many feel as do I, that it will be a Watermark in our history.. both as a country and as in the history of the world. This is such an important election.. First and foremost because who the candidates are and what each of their Administrations will mean to us and the word. But let’s put a pin in that for a moment.. first lets address the mechanics of the election.

One of the issues we are dealing with is Covid 19 of course.. it came on quick and caught us by surprise, but it really shouldn’t have. We’ve had many Pandemics in the past.. Global public health emergencies.. this one is often compared to the 1918 Flue Pandemic .. but I’d like to look at the differences for a second.. because in that we find some key reasons why we should be paying more attention.

So looking at the differences, the first is the speed in which the virus spread.. that is the most concerning. The world is smaller.. because we are much more densely populated than in 1918. There were fewer than 2 billion people on the planet .. and now there are 7.5 billion.. and we are much more mobile.

In 1918 we had no air travel but today we are literally jetting all over the world, hundreds of thousands per day.. last year nearly a Billion people flew from the United States .. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) estimates that U.S. airlines carried more people last year than in any previous year… 925.5 million passengers, the highest number since 2003 when we started to keep that number. The number of flights performed globally reached 38.9 million last year.

In 1918 we were traveling by horse and carriage, very few cars were on the road yet.. and people traveled Globally by Steam ship .. but mostly people didn’t travel. But we did have service personal and others returning home from the war. And that is one reason the 1918 Flu Pandemic lasted 2 years.. with an estimate 50 to 100 million people dying. What is interesting is how quickly it was forgotten and we’re only talking about it today because of the scope of Covid 19.

We’ve had some other Health scares more recently, the HIV/AIDS virus since the early 1980s, SARS in 2003 and the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Influenza … again, these caught the public by surprise… but scientists who study pandemics were not surprised. The point is our Government has the responsibility to prepare for Pandemics.. No, let me check that. We have an obligation to invest in Public Health systems that protect our citizens from the threat and the reality of future pandemics.

So now because we were not prepared, the politicians left the cupboards bare of equipment and the testing ability … So let’s do some fact checks.. because if you listened to the MSM reporting, you’d buy into their Fake News.. like Trump cut CDC funding, false, as a matter of fact the CDC funding has gone up every year Trump has been in office.

Also, Trump did not get rid of the Pandemic unit at the National Security Council … it just moved to another division with a change in title. The Trump Administration did not refuse test kits from the World Health Organization.. the W.H.O. doesn’t even sell kits .. we built our own kits as did every other country. The production did get slowed down.. and that was fixed quickly.

Trump has been accused of muzzling the scientist, he did not… you can see them.. even if you don’t want to on TV every day… but know who did silence and even Disappeared Scientists.. China.

The spin that Trump told Governors they are on their own for ventilators, just isn’t the case.. he made it clear that the Feds would back them up if they were unable to obtain them on their own and ramped up production of ventilators by both Private/Public cooperation and the use of The Defense Production Act of 1950 … we were never at a shortage of ventilators or hospital beds.. as a matter of fact.. thousands of beds went empty after make shift hospitals where constructed by the Army Corp of Engineers and the revamping of medical ships in record time. And now we are exporting ventilators all over the world for those countries who need them.

And the best example of Fake News surrounding the virus, is that Trump called it a “Hoax”… he did not.. the virus exists.. it is real and real people have gotten ill and have died from it.. he called the way the Left has weaponized it to use against him a Hoax .. you remember the early days, they tried to put the label “The Trump Virus” on it.. and then when it was identified as the Wuhan Virus, as many virus and illness before were labeled for the area or region it originated from. But because Trump used the term and everything orange man says is bad and wrong.. by default it was Racists to call it Wuhan Virus.

Speaker Pelosi just attempted to label it The Trump Virus again this week after the President referred to the virus that originated in Wuhan China as the China Virus.. which of course it is.

Also you’d think that the majority of Americans do not approve of this Administration’s handling of the Corona Virus.. that is also just not true. .. an ABC News poll shows 55% approve of the President’s handling of it.. and a Harris Poll shows 56% approval of Trump’s handling of the Virus…
And then the false narrative that Google has no plans for working with the Administration to create a virus testing site for all Americans.. but Trump called them out.. and shared the Release Google put out themselves… begging the question, where and why did the MSM put that out there.. when it is so easy to check and Google put out a Press Release on it..and just so we are clear.. and even the simplest amount us understand, a Press Release is for the Press… that would also be known as the Media.. main stream or otherwise.

And to wrap up this look at the political aspect of the virus… Trump has put enthusiastic praise behind some medications and therapies.. saying he has a good feeling about one thing or another.. that he is hopeful that we have a vaccine fast and that we’ll flatten out the curve and it will burn out.. but the media and the opposing forces accuse him of giving Americans “False” hope.

You know, I think one of the most important roles of the President is to give Americans Hope and let us know that no matter what we face, we face it as one country, one people with the same goal for everyone. Guess what.. since those first days when the media jumped down his throat for mentioning that a long standing drug, hydroxychloroquine, that we’ve used for decades, well guess what… it seems to help.. and the media made it out as if Dr. Kevorkian carried it in his medical bag… it has been shown to work miracles for thousands.

Let me move back to the mechanics of the election. We’ve seen Pelosi and her Coven try to slip legislation on voting into the Stimulus package.. one having nothing to do with the other. But knowing that Ballot Harvesting would never survive and honest debate on the house floor.. never mind the Senate Floor she slipped it in, trying to backdoor it.

And if you don’t understand what “Ballot Harvesting” means, let me tell you.. ballot harvesting – is when any individual can pick up any voter’s ballot for any reason and deliver it to the polling location completely unchecked. Seriously, you can’t see the problem here.. on its face? The President says that Ballot Harvesting will invite corruption… invite? … No Mr. President, it does not invite.. It serves it on a silver platter.
Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) said … Speaker Pelosi wants to make ballot harvesting standard practice nationwide which, like so much in this new bill, would be a win for far-left Democrats and a loss for democracy. Rather than using a global pandemic to push shady election policies, Democrats should focus on the health and well-being of our citizens and our electoral processes

We’ve had “Absentee” voting for years.. and it has its purpose and has worked well. Many on the Left don’t particularly care for the traditional Absentee ballots because those are often used for our Military men and women who are overseas or stationed away from their voting locations. And they tend to vote Republican. But you have to ask for those and fill them out and mail them directly to the Town Clerk or municipal authority in charge of elections in that city or town. They are not mailed out en masse to be found spread around apartment and condo lobby floors or left in stacks on the Post Office docks. Where anyone can pick up and send in… after filling it for you or course.

(The President as have other Presidents used an Absentee Ballot to vote for himself in Florida, where he legally resides)

Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). had this to say…”Democrats have said they see coronavirus as an ‘opportunity’ to take more control away from the American people, and their desire to change election law through ballot harvesting is a dangerous example of that,” Voter Fraud has been one of my champion causes for years now… we are subjected to it in almost every election.. remember The weeks-long battle over “hanging chads” in the 2000 Florida Election?

look at the 2018 congressional race in North Carolina that was overturned by the state election board. Or the mayor of Gordon, Alabama, who was removed from office last year after his conviction for absentee ballot fraud Or John and Grace Fleming both were found guilty of duplicate voting, once by absentee ballot in New Hampshire and then in person in Massachusetts.

Voter Fraud exists, it is ever present, it is strong and organized .. and we say we value our Democracy and the power of the American elections.. one person one vote.. so much blood and lives have been spilt and taken to defend it, keep it and we honor all those who have paid the ultimate price for you to have it.. that we don’t require you to vote has always been beyond me.. but then again.. the whole point of a free society is that you have the freedom to be lazy and uninvolved. Just don’t bitch about who your leaders are if you’ve not voted, I don’t want to hear it from you.

The argument, the simple mindset that Voter ID is Racists or that it is Voter suppression is laughable and so transparent. It is a Red Herring misdirect to keep the voting process hackable.. there is no other reason to be against Voter ID than to preserve the opportunity to steal a vote or two.. none at all… convince me otherwise.

The Heritage Foundation made a list of some great points when it comes to the dangers of Mail in Ballots..

First, Absentee and Harvested ballots compromise the secret ballot process, a hallmark of U.S. elections for over 100 years.

Absentee ballots are “the tool of choice” of vote thieves and those willing to compromise the election process.

And according to U.S. Election Assistance Commission surveys, millions of mailed ballots have been misdirected or gone missing in prior elections. Electronic signatures are too imprecise and easily duplicated, and should not be accepted.

This year’s election means Residents of some states may be forced to vote using mail-in ballots and that makes them vulnerable to intimidation, fraud, and chaos as all-mail-in elections move behind closed doors beyond the oversight of election officials, along with prolonged counting and potentially lengthy delays in certifying questionable results and of course my favorite.. the old .. hey we found a trunk load of uncounted ballots in some Radom Poll workers car!

It is important that we take reasonable steps to make it hard to cheat in elections while making it easy for legitimate voters to vote.

Politicians have seen the virus and the fear and confusion surrounding it to usurp power and ignore our civil and Constitutional rights.. but that my friends is another Observation for another day

I’m Joe Mangiacotti.. @JoeMangiShow