July 24th 2020 Post

TOFY – Today’s Observation For You

Protester, Agitator or Bad Actor?

For Today’s Observation for you.. I’m watching Mayor Dinkins, Mayor Lightfoot and Clueless Mayor De Blasio as well as other large city Mayors… all Democrats so far… not just saying we don’t need help.. but rejecting the much needed help from the Federal Government.. all while seeming to not understand that their cities are already loaded with Federal Police Officers and various Federal Agents. All whom have the full authority and force of law their respective agencies hold.

The MSM aren’t showing actual footage we can see online and from alternative News sources… the Left maintain these are all peaceful protests.. the White House surprised the White House press corps with actual footage.. causing MSM outlets to cut away.. Gwad forbid anyone shows real footage but them!.. it’s there job to edit, disburse and shape your intake and opinions.

The Speaker calling Civil Law Officers “Storm Troopers”.. Rep Jim Clyburn referring to our own Peace Officers at “Gestapo” and Mayor Ted Wheeler describing those there to protect him.. as “Para Military” .. Wheeler attended the rioting 55 days into the riots and chaos you watch him standing in the middle trying to convince you, while watching it all happen around him.. that it is the ones putting themselves in danger to protect citizens and property that are the problem

They have threatened to arrest any outside Police or Agents.. they’ve threatened to take the President of the United States to court for doing his job.. ensuring the rights and liberties of our citizens.

The misunderstanding of how the Federal Government and state governments work together… from some of these mayors is mind numbing.. pedestrian at best

Not only are the agitators and bad actors with their criminal behavior think that Federal Protection and Police officers don’t have any authority in their cities… but the Left Mayors and Governors are sending the wrong message.. I mean wrong in that that what they are saying is just not true.
Let me set some thing clear… right now and for a very long time.. Federal Agents have been in the major cities of this country and have been working hand in hand with local and state Police and prosecutors. It happens every day.

The criminals who are attacking Federal buildings with smashing in windows and setting on fire with personal in the buildings.. think they can then run across the street to the park.. and they somehow are “Protected”.. that they can’t be arrested or pursued.

Let me make this clear.. you are very very wrong… that was Federal property.. and they are Federal agents and officers.. they can arrest you, they can pursue you.. and they will… and anyone that gets in their way is subject to arrest and prosecution

The Left and Dem Mayors that are rejecting the President’s offer of help.. are idiotic for doing so… but you see they are rejecting Donald Trump… ignoring the fact that he happens to sit in the Oval Office and they are rejecting a long standing precedent and history of the Federal Government supporting and augmenting State and Local authorities when they are in over their head.. and folks.. they are so far in over their heads.. they can’t see the top.

The televised murder of George Floyd by a uniformed officer during an arrest may have set this months long swell of Protests along with riots, vandalism and all around general anarchy in motion … but the BLM movement has taken over the push. The organization that was birthed in 2013 from the death of Trayvon Martin.. the young Black man that was shot by George Michael Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, on February 26 in 2012.

Zimmerman claimed it was self-defense and was shielded by the “Stand your Ground” law in Florida. He was not initially charged… but the political pressure was too great and he was eventually charged… the Media and Black Activists, including the founders of BLM describe Zimmerman, a Latino as “passing for white” or “White Hispanic”.. you see he is light skinned, Zimmerman is the product of an interracial marriage between a white father and Peruvian mother. A young Black man being shot to death by a Latino in self defense was not as Racially Charged as a young Black man being shot by a White man.

And so to deal with that complexity, the New York Times and others adopted the rarely used phrase “white Hispanic” to describe Zimmerman. I was, of course doing Talk Radio in those days and prior to the Zimmerman/Martin shooting.. had never heard the term “White Hispanic”… much less a hundred times a day for months.

But the jury saw fit to uphold the self defense and Stand Your Ground Law and On July 13, 2013, he was acquitted of all charges in … Florida v. George Zimmerman.

The argument for the need of an organization to be the watch dogs of Police brutality, Racial Profiling and just the general all around unfair treatment of Black Americans.. Young Black Men especially.. Isn’t much of an argument.. it is needed.. no question.. BLM as its core mission is needed and valuable.

But either they’ve been hijacked by bad actors with ulterior motives or they have lost control over their emotional charged participants…. Or … and I hope this is not the case.. the Condon the criminal behavior and targeted attacks on Police, Agents, government officials and property.

Civil Agents, Police and innocent bystanders are being attacked.. 3 Federal Agents have had lasers pointed in their eyes causing permanent damage.. blinded, skulls cracked and even a broken eye socket…Commercial grade Fireworks have been shot at them, Agents hands have been impaled by planted nails… they’ve been ambushed and straight out murdered.

The real Protesters.. the peaceful Protesters.. who take our Constitutional Rights to Peaceful Protest serious and adhere to the proven effective civil disobedience practices like The ones who take their cues from Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.. who practiced Civil Disobedience and the only violence was coming from the Police in those days.

Just today.. as I’m writing this down .. AG Barr was just on the TV and saying the leading cause of death for young Black Males is homicide.. 7500 Black Americans are victims of homicide every year…

This is true, but not from Police or government officials in Black Ops.. at the time I was jotting this down.. Portland is still in chaos.. and Detroit had a horrific couple weeks.. they had 5 mass shootings.. 2 shooting where 4 people were shot, 2 where 5 people were shot and one mass shooting where 9 people were shot… again, at the time of this writing over the weekend there was 33 shootings, 26 injured and 7 killed.. that is one weekend.. in one major city in the United States… If this was happening in major cities in third world countries, the United States and the UN would have sent Peace Keeping Solders!

The Detroit Police in cooperation with various Federal agents.. DEA, FBI and ATF (just those from the Task Force, not the normal Policing).. made 117 arrests this past weekend .. and from those arrests they confiscated 106 illegally owned guns.. Detroit has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation.. zero tolerance .. but you see.. criminals, by definition are not law abiding citizens.. and have illegal guns.. and Gun Laws only apply to law abiding citizens.

So maybe, instead of criminally tearing down statues, vandalizing, assaulting and setting businesses and government buildings on fire… you pressure your elected representatives to legally remove those statues and you address the murder and violence in our cities.. I know Black on Black crime isn’t your narrative.. but it is a problem.. and the longer and harder you ignore it.. the longer you avoid the very difficult steps needed …. The balancing act required.. the more you lose credibility.. the more all citizens will get frustrated in your misplaced energy… and we’ve witnesses your energy.. you have enough to keep the fight on Racial injustices and to address the inner city violence and Black on Black crime.

Police moral is at an all time low, retirement requests have surged.. NYPD had to put a hold on filing.. they disbanded the 600 personal Anti-Crime unit … you know the ones that are in plains clothes, because most criminals although not the brightest bunch.. are smart enough not to commit crimes in front of Police.. or at least that used to be the case… but in NY they’ve empowered the criminal by not prosecuting crimes, doing away with bail and releasing inmates from their jails.

But who is asking for the reinstatement of the Anti-Crime unit? The Black community leaders … you see while the same scared politicians that are de-funding your Police, accuse the Police of wrong doing with no discernment … are the same ones who have $4,500 per day per person private bodyguards that you’re paying for. Yes, they will be protected.. and the rich will have security.. but your security.. commonly known as 911.. won’t be there when you need it.

These people as a whole are the same heroes that we cherished when they blindly ran into the burning Twin Towers after calling home to tell their loves ones … just that.. they love them and probably won’t be coming home that day.

The same people who pull you out of burning car crashes and run after armed crazed perps .. the same people who take the abusive spouse from your home … and track down and arrest child abusers and traffickers… the list goes on with all the good and positive they do for citizens everyday.. and the danger they live in.. I grew up in a Police home.. I can’t remember a time as a kid when I didn’t understand that when my Dad left the house.. it may be the last time I see him.. and my sisters and I would kiss him goodbye and tell him we loved him .. right up to the day he left us.. and we were all in our 30s and 40s ..

So the anarchy may not be on your street today, you may even believe that some of this violence, destruction and murder is acceptable.. But is it acceptable if it is your street, your family are you willing to be vulnerable, scared and in danger? Maybe?

When does the destructive behavior end and the Constructive actions start?

Gun and ammo purchases are sky rocketing.. applications have log jammed DHS.. and seldom has there been a better example for your 2nd Amendment Rights.. and that fight will continue.. but that my friends is another Observation for another day