TOFY – Today’s Observation For You

Candidate, Campaign and Consequences

As the days to Election day dwindles and Corona Positive Tests increase.. and “Cases” should be reserved for those that are either hospitalized or placed on Ventilators..not just test positive.

This makes no sense and puts unnecessary panic on us. If we were to test the public’s IQ daily, we’d have an increase number of geniuses and Morons. So the spike in positive test results has driven states to bring back the Shut Downs and even make it mandatory to wear masks in public.. and we are seeing the request now being made to do so in private as well. But this TOFY is not about Mask wearing…

Today’s TOFY is about the former Vice President campaigning from his basement and limiting his access to very controlled circumstances. His own campaign people have told us that he is only around a couple people every day.. his “Body People”.. those are the campaign staffers that .. in his case .. Literally tell him what he is doing.. not so much as a courtesy reminding him about his schedule.. but actually telling him what he’s is doing, where he is .. and as we’ve seen what he is running for.

The official polls and the ones regurgitated on the MSM day after day.. says Donald Trump is behind Joe Biden.. although this past week the Gap narrowed.. from 10 points to 3 points .. but we also know that when it comes to Trump and polls.. they aren’t as reliable as polls have been in the past. In 2016 at this point in the campaign Trump was trailing Hillary by serious double digits.

Even on election day and even several hours after the Polls closed they told us Hillary was going to win.

This has come to be known as the “Silent” majority.. those that are not vocal about their support for Donald Trump.. they just go into the booth and pull the lever. And why would they be open about their support of the President of the United States.

The Bullies of the Cancel Culture will attack you online, in person and behind your back. They don’t like you’re opinion .. your choice for President.. they will and do work to harm you.

The Left has not accepted the results of the 2016 election.. it was not suppose to happen the way it did.. Hillary was supposed to be the first Female President and business was going to go on as usual. The “Donations” to the Clinton Foundation dried up as soon as it was clear that Hillary was not going to be able to deliver on promises made and favors expected. This has not received the attention it should by the Main street media.. because they don’t do their jobs.. Except they think they do.. Because the think their jobs are to further their agenda, their political leanings and their narrative… not report on the facts and not ask the questions that Real Journalists ask.

We also should be having a Presidential debate very soon.. the campaigns have agreed to 3 debates.. that seems very low for such an important election.. and it is a very important election. Probably the most important election in the history of or union.. certainly in our lifetimes. Only the 1980 Carter/Reagan Presidential Race comes close in my lifetime.

So why only three?.. and will the Biden camp want to lessen that number? We’ve seen Joe on the debate stage during the primary.. we saw him look around and see how the other candidates were going to answer before he did.

We saw him lose his place and give up the remainder of his time because he clearly lost his place or did not know where to go from the path he wondered down.

Joe Biden’s campaign did say that the presumptive Democratic nominee would commit to participating in three debates and quickly slammed a push by President Trump’s advisers for an additional debate as an “effort to change the subject.” But wasn’t the subject “Debates” .. the number is all that is up for discussion.

So I for one… and I think you are too.. looking very much to just the two of them.. Donald J Turmp and Joe Biden on a debate stage .. under the lights.. even with the slanted and bias panel of alleged Journalists moderating and asking the questions.

Most of us would pay to see this debate.. but alas we won’t have to pay per view.. just in or time, sitting through some commercials .. and those ridiculous questions we’ve all had to listen to In past debates.

Donald Trump, his Press Secretary and his surrogates have had very rude and undignified questions leveled at them .. from his diet and real weight to bulling him into taking a cognitive test that no other President had taken before.. right up to including “Does President Trump believe that it was a good thing that the South lost the Civil War?” and Race baiting questions like “Why are African Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country?”

The real questions I’d like to hear asked are the ones that really matter.. the ones that should be asked of a nearly 5 decade political operative..
who has had almost 40 years in the Senate and 8 years in the White House to address so many issues and injustices that he now tells us, if we only give him a chance now.. he has all the answers. He’ll make it all right.. that he could have handled the Corona virus better.. even though the Trump Administration built hospitals and converted Hospital ships in record time.. filled the shelves with masks, PPE and ventilator production at warp speed.. to the point we had thousands of hospital beds that sat empty for months and we are now exporting ventilators to other nations.

Sleepy Joe even tells us that he is the one that can bring the economy back.. does he think we have his memory? That we don’t remember the last 4 years.. that Trump cut corporate and individual taxes, cut regulations and renegotiated Trade Deals that brought manufacturing and jobs back to this country? That he, Joe Biden would raise your taxes while loading on so many regulations and Green New Deal rules that manufacturing, job creation and even food and fuel production would come to screeching halt.

Joe has plagiarized too many times to count.. he even is “borrowing” from Trump when it comes to the economy.. with his “made in America” and ‘Build Back Better’ Economic Plan.. seriously? Where have we heard this plan before?

Who really believes that, first Joe would be in charge of his White House and second, everything that has brought this country back to greatness (Trump Administration Policy) would not be completely and utterly reversed?

The questions I’d like and those that should be asked of Joe Biden.. if the media was doing their jobs … then most of us would know or at least be reminded that Former Vice President and Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden is officially under investigation by Washington D.C. law enforcement for his alleged sexual assault against Tara Reade, a former staffer of his campaign in 1993.

Tara Reade went forward with a criminal complaint to the police last month, after revealing the disturbing details of the alleged assault on a podcast with journalist Katie Harper.

The Media would also be asking Sleepy Joe about Burisma holdings.. his son Hunter’s position with Burisma and how he landed that incredibly lucrative job..and the salary and bonuses that went with it.

As well has how he with no money management or track record, he flies to China in Air Force Two and comes home with a Billion and half dollars under his management.. that would give the typical Money Manager 15 to 23 million dollars per year.. not a onetime fee.. that would be the yearly fee, year after year.

The polls may show Trump trailing.. and we know we can’t trust them when it comes to Trump.. we know that the campaign really hasn’t started.. and wont until Joe Biden gets out among the people But the huge Difference between votes.. or I should Voters… a lot of Biden Votes are votes against Trump.. whereas the votes for Trump or overwhelming FOR Trump.. they want Trump.. they aren’t voting for him to NOT get the other guy.. they are passionate… even though they may not be vocal today.. they will be when the time comes.

And that leads to a whole another discussion on elections, election fraud and ballot harvesting.. but that my friends are for another Today’s Observation For You..