Saw a post about listening to WBZ and it being Liberal and that Trump would get re-elected and some comments.. I needed to respond:

If the assumption is that (given the economy, wage increases, unemployment numbers at record lows, energy Independence, etc) he will win re-election because..well duh.. why would you stop this …. why would you vote for open borders, welfare state and ridiculous anti 2nd A legislation..

DON”T assume.. if you want a second Trump term you need to vote, work hard and spread the word. The Left were complacent because they thought HC was a lock.. a shoe in.. a presumptive win … and millions of BO supporters stayed home.. they will not this time around…

the DNC, Media (MSM) and activist every day wake up with Trump taking space in their heads, Rent Free, …and they are just wondering how they can tear him down today.. any and everything he does, says or even how he looks is fair game to attack him on… not to mention his family, anyone in his Cabinet or even has worked on his campaign, Administration or has even been known to socialize with him.

To hell with decorum and facts.. so no, don’t be comfortable for a minute that he is a second term’s not a given.