Mike Huckabee has become the second Republican presidential candidate to vow the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service if elected in November 2016.

Like Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, the former Arkansas governor is pitching a radical tax reform plan that would junk the progressive system, with all of its deductions, in favor of simpler approach. Like Cruz, Huckabee said that going this route would render irrelevant the IRS or any similarly massive agency that tracks and collects federal taxes. Still, the federal government would have to collect tax revenue — and someone, or some bureaucracy, has to do it.

So how would it work in a Huckabee administration if he could convince Congress to go along? Like Cruz, Huckabee envisions some small sub-agency of the Treasury Department doing most of the work. But Cruz’s plan calls for an income-tax based “flat tax” collecting directly by Washington, whereas Huckabee is advocating a national sales tax (aka the “FairTax”) that would require state governments to do most of the heavy – See more at: http://americanactionnews.com/articles/how-mike-huckabee-would-kill-the-irs#sthash.LHjTMFKg.dpuf