Frank Smizik

He has represented the 15th Norfolk District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives since 2001. He is the current Chair of the House Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change.

Smizik is married to Julie Johnson, a lobbyist for the Massachusetts Teachers Association and a leading member of Boston Democratic Socialists of America. Smizik was also an open Marxist back in the 1980s, when he too was listed as as a member of DSA.

Smizik still regularly attends Boston Democratic Socialists of America events. As recently as June 2010, Rep. Smizik and his wife Julie Johnson, attended Boston DSA’s annual Debs-Thomas-Bernstein Awards, in the Jamaica Plain home of environmentalists Marcia Peters and David Karaus.

Smizik is pretty discreet about his socialism, as he moves his way through the Democratic Party.