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10.13.18 Voter ID and Trump’s Judicial Legacy

On today’s how we’ll look at the Voter ID issue and the latest from North Dakota.

Also, two Supreme Court appointments and dozens of other Federal Judge appointments. Did Obama drop the Judiciary ball? Will the courts be Trumps longest lasting most significant achievements?


A victory for voting rights.. a victory for all Americans.

The “Voter ID” argument has been going on for years. My question has always been why? Why is this even a debate? Why are you opposed to one person, one vote? Why are you opposed to the person voting is who they claim to be? ..you get my point.

It is simple. Your vote is the most valuable asset you have in the world of Democracy, so why shouldn’t it be protected? It is ridiculous that anyone can walk into a voting location and give a name and address (all of which is not hard to get) and then a red line is placed through it or checked off and BAM! that person regardless of who they are gets YOUR vote!

The left doesn’t want any ID required at the polls…. none. Why? The only reason anyone would want this because they intend to have people who either don’t vote or can’t vote to have a vote cast in their favor. We know buses are shipped in with college students or others to vote in districts they do not live. Just look at the 2016 Presidential Election in New Hampshire.

The common sense Conservative person expects and wants your identity to be established before that ballot is given to you. One Person One Vote!

The Left will tell us that the poor can’t afford ID. This argument is so ridiculous on its face it’s near impossible to respond. We require ID for so many … no, no.. for just about everything less important than your vote!

Are these people the Left is concerned about those on Welfare? They have IDs. Are these people the people in Housing? They have IDS. So who are these people who cannot afford an ID and where do they live? Humm.. are you trying to allow Aliens to vote? Not Immigrants..but Illegal Aliens? They are the only people in theory that would not have a valid ID or did I miss some group or persons you are so worried about?

The cost of an ID is the reason no to ask for an ID holds no water. We issue IDs and require IDs in all other areas of life. So ID up or don’t vote.


The decision, which came Tuesday and drew a brief dissent, will affect one November’s most critical Senate races.

A group of American Indians challenged the residential street address requirement, arguing that it imposes “impossible and severe burdens on the franchise for Native American voters,” as many live on reservations or otherwise lack ordinary street addresses. A federal judge agreed and prohibited the law.

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals lifted that order, so the plaintiffs appealed to the Supreme Court, asking the justices to restore the injunction.



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