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I don’t listen to that.. Trump going to win a second!

Saw a post about listening to WBZ and it being Liberal and that Trump would get re-elected and some comments.. I needed to respond: If the assumption is that (given the economy, wage increases, unemployment numbers at record lows, energy Independence, etc) he will win re-election because..well duh.. why would you stop this …. why…

5.25.19 What is coming up on today’s show

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3.23.19 On Today’s Show

Oh man… well most of what was ready for oday is out the window.. lol After nearly two years of investigating, Mueller found no evidence of collusion or wrongdoing by Trump. We’ll be discussing this starting at 6 am on WACE 730 AM and WCRN 830 AM and live streaming on the TuneInn app.. check…

2.23.19 Mike Lindell will join Joe in the 7 am hour

Michael J. Lindell is the inventor and CEO of My Pillow, Inc. He is also the founder of the Lindell Foundation and the Lindell Recovery Network. Mike is out and open supporter of the President and has received a considerable amount of push-back for him and his company. Prior to inventing MyPillow, Lindell launched and…

2.9.19 Dr Larry Fedawa joins in hour two

12.29.18 End of the year show –

On today’s CS we look back over the last year. What shaped the political scene? It was a year ago that Mike Wade retired from the show and Joe has been solo Host for the last 12 months. Child dies while in Boarder Security custody… shame on the parents!

Ben Shapiro calls out liberal host Joy Behar over her shameless attack on president Trump.

‘She Went Too Far This Time’ – Ben Shapiro BLASTS Joy Behar Over Her Shameless Attack On Trump