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Sheriff Thomas Hodgson to join Joe on the 11th

I’m looking forward to Sheriff Hodgson joining me in the 7:00 am hour. To join the conversation, call: 508-871-7000

Thomas M. Hodgson has been the Sheriff of Bristol County, Massachusetts, for more than 20 years.

Appointed in 1997, Sheriff Hodgson was elected in 1998 and reelected in 2004, 2010 and 2016. A longtime law enforcement professional who also has a background in business, Sheriff Hodgson advocates and strives for the overall public safety of the hundreds of thousands of residents of Bristol County and everyone in Massachusetts and the United States of America.

He is an outspoken critic of illegal immigration, an issue that has brought him before Congress and to the Oval Office. He lives in Dartmouth with his wife, Jo-Anne, and enjoys spending time with his daughters and grandchildren.


5.4.19 Podcast – Joe Mangiacotti

On today’s show, Joe talks about the economy, lowest unemployment in 49 years. GDP, Gas and Oil export.. we are energy independent.

Judge Joseph’s legal troubles, FL Gun Law – allows teachers to carry in class after 144 hour training.. and passing.

Jesse Smollett and DA Foxx legal troubles continue to deepen.

Trump said he would run for President

They laughed

Trump said he would win

They laughed

Trump said he was spied on

They laughed

Trump said he would have a booming economy

They laughed

Trump said he would destroy ISIS

They laughed

Who is laughing now?


Is “Idiot Worshiper” an acceptable term now?

They are called “Christians”.. you don’t worship Easter.. you celebrate it.

Why can’t you say it? Christians are the problem? They are the evil ones mass murdering these days?

Whenever has anyone referred to Christians as “Easter Worshipers”? When do you ever really hear “worshiper” except when you are talking about “Devil Worshipers”

Let’s take a look … and listen carefully on theses takes…

Obama said in a tweet., “The attacks on tourists and Easter worshipers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity.
On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka,”

This tone seemed to be a little different from the New Zealand attack when he said, “Michelle and I send our condolences to the people of New Zealand. We grieve with you and the Muslim community. All of us must stand against hatred in all its forms.”

See the difference in tone?

Hillary tweeted on Sunday: “On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence. I’m praying for everyone affected by today’s horrific attacks on Easter worshipers and travelers in Sri Lanka,”

Last month when the New Zealand attack took place she said, “My heart breaks for New Zealand & the global Muslim community. We must continue to fight the perpetuation and normalization of Islamophobia and racism in all its forms. White supremacist terrorists must be condemned by leaders everywhere. Their murderous hatred must be stopped.”+

I’m watching the Left’s response on the talk circuit.. Tucker Carlson, etc

They of course are saying.. don’t focus on that.. let’s talk about how to stop this.. well first is CALL IT WHAT IT IS. So what if they didn’t (can’t) say Christian. “Easter Worshipers” is a normal commonly used term… really, when where… in my 50 plus years on this planet.. this is the first time I’ve ever been referred to as worshiper at all..never-mind as an Easter one.

Call it what it is.. until we do.. we will never move forward. Hundreds of Christians are killed and imprisoned every month.

It is now a death penalty to convert to Christianity from Muslim in some countries.

The US sends billions of dollars to countries that persecute Christians.. they imprison them, they execute them.. why do we not use our might to push back?

It seems if you look at a Muslim the wrong way.. you are on the business end of attacks and character assignation.

Violence and hate against Christians might be he best kept PC and Media secrete.. check out this listing of violence.



Islamic Terror on Christians

This is a list of targeted acts of terrorism on Christian civilians and church workers by religious Muslims since September 11th, 2001. These attacks have nothing to do with war, combat or insurgency. The victims are innocent Christians who were specifically targeted and abused solely on account of their faith by those who claim their own religion as a motive.

There may be a few anomalies on the list, as it is compiled by keyword search from our main database. Neither is this a complete account of Islamic terror attacks on Christians since much of the violence goes unreported.

Islamic Terror on Christians


Kellyanne Conway: Mueller Report Press Conference 4/18/19

This is great!

Kellyanne Conway: Mueller Report Press Conference 4/18/19.

Kellyanne Conway took questions from reporters and said today, for President Donald Trump, is “the best day since he got elected.”
She touted the findings in the report as showing “none of us got in their way” and added, “We’re accepting apologies today too for anybody who feels the grace in offering them. There was no collusion and there certainly was no criminal conspiracy with any Russians.”

One reporter noted that “the only clear that the obstruction of just piece wouldn’t in essence stick was because a lot of people around the president wouldn’t do what they had asked him.”

Conway dismissed the “punditry” and said, “If the president asked me to break the law today, I would walk out the door.”

She said Trump “could have fired Mueller” but didn’t. “Intent matters,” Conway added, before saying the press wants to “cherry-pick one line here or one line there.”

Conway was also confronted about the “false information” given from Team Trump about Russian contacts and whether they have any regret about it.

Conway again said “total exoneration” and called out claims being made by people on the networks, like Adam Schiff, making claims about collusion.



4.20.19 Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.) will join Joe in the 7 am hour

Joining Joe this week is Retired Lt Raymound Foster of the LAPD.

Lt Foster will be talking about gangs and the process of flooding our country with Gang Members.

We’ll sure to ask him about MS-13 and the methods and missions and mentality of gangs.
fosterSome of the Lieutenant’s background:
Lt Foster

Doctoral Student, Touro University International – ABD, Winter 2006
MPA, Public Financial Management — California State University, Fullerton
4.0 GPA (Member Phi Kappa Phi) – 2003
BA, Criminal Justice — The Union Institute — 1999

National Institute for Justice, Technology Institute, Washington, DC
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Incident Command System
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Terrorism for First Responders
General police, law enforcement and criminal justice practices, policies and procedures. In both government and the private sector, organizational development focusing on leadership and change management. Lieutenant Foster’s most recent project involved assisting the Government of Jamaica in developing a three year, nation-wide anti-gang strategy. He is currently on assignment in the Federation of Nevis and St. Kitts, assisting them with the refining of their national security training curriculum.

PMB No. 122

1034 W. Arrow Highway, Suite D

San Dimas, CA 91773




2.9.19 Dr Larry Fedawa joins in hour two


10.13.18 Voter ID and Trump’s Judicial Legacy

On today’s how we’ll look at the Voter ID issue and the latest from North Dakota.

Also, two Supreme Court appointments and dozens of other Federal Judge appointments. Did Obama drop the Judiciary ball? Will the courts be Trumps longest lasting most significant achievements?


A victory for voting rights.. a victory for all Americans.

The “Voter ID” argument has been going on for years. My question has always been why? Why is this even a debate? Why are you opposed to one person, one vote? Why are you opposed to the person voting is who they claim to be? ..you get my point.

It is simple. Your vote is the most valuable asset you have in the world of Democracy, so why shouldn’t it be protected? It is ridiculous that anyone can walk into a voting location and give a name and address (all of which is not hard to get) and then a red line is placed through it or checked off and BAM! that person regardless of who they are gets YOUR vote!

The left doesn’t want any ID required at the polls…. none. Why? The only reason anyone would want this because they intend to have people who either don’t vote or can’t vote to have a vote cast in their favor. We know buses are shipped in with college students or others to vote in districts they do not live. Just look at the 2016 Presidential Election in New Hampshire.

The common sense Conservative person expects and wants your identity to be established before that ballot is given to you. One Person One Vote!

The Left will tell us that the poor can’t afford ID. This argument is so ridiculous on its face it’s near impossible to respond. We require ID for so many … no, no.. for just about everything less important than your vote!

Are these people the Left is concerned about those on Welfare? They have IDs. Are these people the people in Housing? They have IDS. So who are these people who cannot afford an ID and where do they live? Humm.. are you trying to allow Aliens to vote? Not Immigrants..but Illegal Aliens? They are the only people in theory that would not have a valid ID or did I miss some group or persons you are so worried about?

The cost of an ID is the reason no to ask for an ID holds no water. We issue IDs and require IDs in all other areas of life. So ID up or don’t vote.


The decision, which came Tuesday and drew a brief dissent, will affect one November’s most critical Senate races.

A group of American Indians challenged the residential street address requirement, arguing that it imposes “impossible and severe burdens on the franchise for Native American voters,” as many live on reservations or otherwise lack ordinary street addresses. A federal judge agreed and prohibited the law.

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals lifted that order, so the plaintiffs appealed to the Supreme Court, asking the justices to restore the injunction.



Trump has been making great strides in the Judicial system

Well, the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation received a lot, and I mean a lot of attention the Trumpster has been killing it in the Judicial system. He has been replacing Judges left and right. BO let so many vacancies in the entire system sit open and unfilled.

The Senate has confirmed 84 Trump nominees to the federal bench: 53 trial judges, 29 appeals judges, and two Supreme Court justices.

Trump set a record for appeals court confirmations during the first year of a presidency in January 2017.

This is how you be sure the entire Judicial system will be fair and unbiased … with Justices that understand the Constitution, what it means and that is the Law of the Land!

Obama’s lack of action in this area may very well be the best thing that could have happened. This gave President Trump the ability to fill these positions.. including 2 Supreme Court appointments, so far.

So this could very well be the best, longest lasting accomplishments of the Trump Presidency.

The Senate confirmed three judicial nominees to federal appeals courts this week, rounding out a record-setting year-long confirmation gamut.

The nominees, Leonard Grasz, Don Willett, and James Ho were appointed to the 5th and 8th U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal. The Senate has cleared 12 nominations to the circuit courts since President Donald Trump assumed office, a record for the modern era.

All three nominees were confirmed on narrow party-line votes, and they mark the culmination of a remarkably successful confirmation effort. Trump has secured 12 circuit court confirmations this year, as well as Justice Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. By way of comparison, former President Barack Obama had just three circuit court confirmations during the first year of his administration — former President George W. Bush had six, and former President Bill Clinton had three.

For more on this check out this from the Daily Caller:



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