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Dr Day form Project 21 will be joining us at 8 am.. from CPAC

Dr. Day Gardner, a member of the Project 21 national advisory council, is the president of the National Black Pro-Life Union and an executive member of the Washington, D.C.-based National Clergy Council.

Dr. Day




2018 MLK Day.. Black unemployment at the lowest ever..

Dr King’s message during his famous Washington march was a “Jobs” rally.  That message has gotten lost, but what Dr King was protesting was the inequity of jobs for Black Americans.

Horace Cooper, PhD,  Adjunct fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research, co-chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board and a legal commentator, explains the Black un-employment rate is the lowest ever.




Under the Fedora: Zimmerman, Egypt & More

For the mainstream media there is no story more critical than the George Zimmerman trial

In one regard it’s no surprise. Anything that can provide 24 hour cable networks with a steady stream of content is of value. The MSM’s obsession with the case and the continuous coverage has been dangerous to their credibility. For a year the people have been told by them that George Zimmerman was a murderer who killed Travon Martin and walked because of race, unfortunately for them the state of Florida’s case has been so weak that their own people can’t see how Mr. Zimmerman can be convicted. Even more amazingly they’ve been saying this prior to the defense presenting its case.

If there is any consolation for the left, the probable acquittal of Mr. Zimmerman can and will be used as a political football in 2014 in the same way that the case itself was used to help re-elect Barack Obama in 2012

One thought. George Zimmerman’s parents are Robert Zimmerman and Gladys Mesa.

I submit that if George’s parents had been Robert Mesa and Gladys Zimmerman and if he looked more like his mother than his father, the media and the race hustlers would not have made a peep and the case would not have progressed beyond the initial police investigation.


There was an interesting moment on Morning Joe this week where both Elliot Spitzer, the former NY governor who was hiring hookers and Anthony Weiner who was tweeting out his junk to young women appeared for interview on the same day concerning their campaigns in NYC for Comptroller and Mayor receptively.

Mika Brizenski was raising the question of how New Yorkers, particularly women could vote for either man given what they had done but the answer to that question didn’t come from the interviews, it came from what might be considered a throw away segment on the very same show.

With the news that Governor Rick Perry is not running for a 4th term in Texas and is obviously (although he has not announced it) running for president in 2016 A segment comically hitting Texas’ governor was aired.

That’s really says it all. Rick Perry failures on the campaign trail were pretty much of style and may have been induced by the medication from an operation, while Spitzer’s & Weiner’s failures were of character, honesty and in Spitzer’s case law. Yet who is openly mocked?

I submit that if Governor of Texas who has, during one of the worst financial times in the last 100 years, made his state a success choose to run for either of the Comptroller or Mayor of NY his chances of winning the votes of the people of New York in General and Mika in particular over Spitzer & Weiner would be less that winning the Powerball jackpot with the purchase of a single ticket.

As any person who watched voters in Massachusetts return Gary Studds repeatedly to congress after his issues with 17 year old male congressional pages let me tell you this. One a location becomes left leaning enough, it reaches a point where nothing a liberal can do will make them less acceptable as a candidate for office than a conservative, nothing!


Mickey Kaus doesn’t trust John Boehner when he says he will not bring the Senate immigration bill up for a vote in the House. I share his distrust. The only way to assure he doesn’t give in to the left and the large moneyed interests who want cheap labor pressuring the leadership of the GOP on this issue is for votes to express themselves loudly through 2014.


The 2nd Egyptian Revolution has been most clarifying in many ways. It established, for example the willingness of the media to side with Islamists when the chips are down, but the thing that has been the most dramatic has been how it has proven Michael Totten’s 2005 prediction correct:

“I’ve had this theory for a while now,” I said. “It looks like some, if not most, Middle East countries are going to have to live under an Islamic state for a while and get it out of their system.”

Big Pharaoh laughed grimly.

“Sorry,” I said. “That’s just how it looks.”

Lucky for Egypt they got it out of their system faster than most, even more lucky for them unlike Iran the military had not been compromised to the degree that they were willing to stop the people.

In Turkey removing islamists is proving a whole lot harder. That Islamist leader was a lot more deliberate in his actions.


I wonder if the Hillary 2016 campaign is adding Egypt to her resume as secretary of state to go along with Russia, Syria and Libya?


One of the characteristics of Arab democracy, Islamic or no , has been danger to the Christian community. Christians have been fleeing for their lives in droves. This has produced an interesting side effect in Israel, Christian Arabs openly and proudly joining the Israeli defense forces:

Khaloul said that until now, many in the community had been too afraid to speak out, but that was going to change. Many are now even referring to themselves openly as “Israeli Christians.”

Ali, an organizer for the forum, noted that local Arabs see what is happening across the Middle East and realize that Israel is the only place in the region where Christians can feel safe and belong. “That’s why more and more of us are realizing that there is no other country here that is worth fighting for,” he added.

Arab Christians have resisted siding with Israel for three generations. It really speaks to the current crop of Islamists that they could produce such a result.

A little culture? Have you heard the latest trend in “empowering women” Taking group shots naked.

Designed to empower women, they are used to celebrate everything from upcoming nuptials to milestone 30th and 40th birthdays, with professional shutterbugs like Catherine Leonard — who shot Richards and her pal Amy Blair’s joint bachelorette bash in Manhattan last month — capturing the spirit of friendship with carefree portraits celebrating the female form.

Because nothing empowers you as something other than a sex object than a group photo naked that men will stare at.

I’m telling you right now, guys we won the sexual revolution, hands down.


The Doctor Who 6th Doctor special was on last week. All during it I got the feeling those appearing were apologizing for the series without much to say good about it. That’s not a surprise as this was the era that began the path to decline and cancellation

Considering that the series was cancelled during the 7th doctor’s run and the 8th doctor only had the movie, the next two special should be interesting, unless they bring in the Big Finish Audios.


Sports: In Baseball the Red Sox continue to not only win but as of this writing the Sox have the best record in baseball.

If anyone had predicted this in April they would have been called out of their minds. That’s the great thing about baseball 162 games really fleshes out reality from prognostication.

I’ll wager nobody was betting on a Brit winning Wimbledon either.


Finally The Lone Ranger has turned into yet another summer Box office bust as even Johnny Depp could not draw people to see it. The Atlantic while not meaning to provides a clue as to why:

It comes across like a Western as told by Howard Zinn

And while the world according to Howard Zinn might be attractive to Hollywood sensibilities it just isn’t attractive to the folks who actually pay to see this, the Atlantic again:

You can learn a lot about a film’s values from examining the motivations of its villains, and you can learn a lot about a society–or at least what Hollywood thinks society want to hear–when it produces three mainstream movies in a few months that gives its villains the exact same motivation.

Actually you can’t tell anything about what Hollywood thinks society wants to hear, but you can tell a lot about what Hollywood wants people to think.


Later all.


Under the Fedora: A Really Bad Week

A lot has happened this week that has not been fun for a conservative.

On Monday the Senate passed the Corker Hoeven amendment and managed to get cloture on the “immigration” amnesty bill.

It amazes me that the same republicans who have complained loudly in the budget debate that we can’t have tax increases with the promise of spending cuts later are willing to allow legislation with the promise of future securing of the border.

I’m particularly disappointed with Senator Rubio & Senator Ayotte. Both had been supported by Sarah Palin and Tea Party groups and both had promised not to be supportive of amnesty.

Palin is not amused:

Palin said Rubio had promised that “border security would come first,” and he would not support “legalization of illegal immigrants” and “amnesty” before border security while running in the Florida Republican Senate primary against Charlie Crist in 2010. She said Ayotte, whom she endorsed, had on her campaign website in 2010 that there were “no excuses” not to secure the border and also said she would not support amnesty.

“I think that they should be challenged. I don’t have a problem with heated debates and contested primaries where they have to answer to constituents regarding their flip-flopping on such a fundamental position as amnesty for illegal immigrants,” she told Gibson. “I don’t have a problem at all with contested primaries. In fact, competition makes us all better and makes us be held accountable and I’d like to see them held accountable and answer as to why it is that they flip-flopped.”


On Rubio there are two possibilities that come to my mind. Rubio might have been played, he’s fairly young and occasionally such people are played. If he just came out and said so people would let it go.

As for Senator Ayotte I suspect part of this flip is out of deference to her allies McCain and Graham who she has worked closely with on Benghazi (and done yeoman work) but I suspect part of it is because she was trying to get the left off of her back over the Toomey Manchin.

If she had only waited

Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau said she resigned from “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” on May 10, shortly after joining the nationwide coalition, because it went beyond its stated principles of “keeping illegal guns out of dangerous hands.”
Lozeau said she did not know when she joined the group that it would “unfairly attack” fellow Nashuan Sen. Kelly Ayotte in a $2 million barrage of ads after Ayotte opposed an amendment calling for universal background checks for gun purchases in April.

The heat might have decreased. And if this report is true

Speaker John A. Boehner reiterated to House Republicans this morning that he will not bring up the Senate’s immigration overhaul for a vote in the House. “Weeks ago, I — along with Eric, Kevin, Cathy and Bob Goodlatte — issued a statement making clear that the House is not going to just take up and vote on whatever the Senate passes,” Boehner told lawmakers, per a source in the room. “We’ll do our own bill, through regular order and it’ll be a bill that reflects the will of our majority and the people we represent.”

As Sean Connery’s Character said in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen “Wait, always wait”

On Tuesday in Massachusetts Ed Markey running in a special election with no other democrat on the ballot managed to only pull 60% of the vote that one of the worst candidates in US Senate History Martha Coakley.

Opposing him was Gabriel Gomez, Navy Seal, Navy Pilot, successful businessman and a 1st Generation immigrant from Columbia. With the GOP arguing loudly that the immigration bill needed to pass to get Hispanics to be willing to vote Democrats Gomez who won the primary with over 50% despite straying from the bases position on Climate Change, Gun Control, was apparently a perfect fit since he also endorsed the gang of eight bill even before the Corker Hoeven was suggested.

And while Gomez won several towns back that Brown had lost in 2012 the appeal among Hispanic voters was apparently overstated:

So on election day they went to a city with many people from “Hispanica” and said: “Look our candidate is a child of Hispanica just like you! Come vote for him!” But the people of that city said: We’ve never heard of a country called “Hispanica” Our parents come from a country called “The Dominican Republic” and they voted for the party they always did.

Then they went to another town and said “Look our candidate is from the land of Hispanica just like you” and the people of that town said: “We’ve never heard of a land called ‘Hispanica” our fathers came from a land called “Brazil” and they voted for the party they always did.

Ok that’s not exactly how it happened but the bottom line is he drew only 45% of the vote.

I’m sorry, Gabriel Gomez is a nice guy with a great personal story but if supporting amnesty doesn’t do the trick with Spanish speaking voters when you’re running a 1st generation Colombian with the last name “Gomez” odds are you aren’t going to do better supporting this kind of bill with the last name “Alexander” or Graham.

Then later in the evening after a long Filibuster in the Texas was finally broken the mob managed to stall long enough to block a bill that would have prevented the next Kermit Gosnell in Texas. Stopping the bill made the left absolutely giddy.

Donna Brazille compared the fight to stop that abortion bill to the civil rights era. She was right in on respect, just like in the old days the people fighting hardest for the right to kill black children were democrats.

Then came Wednesday and a pair of Supreme Court rulings, first the a section of DOMA was overturned meaning the Federal government has to treat gay married couples in state where it is legal in terms of benefits. The most amazing thing about the ruling was the impugning of the motives of all those who have opposed Gay Marriage as Rush put it:

In 1996, the Defense of Marriage Act passed the House of Representatives 342 to 67. It passed the Senate 85 to 14. What a bunch of bigots! The Supreme Court majority today said that all of those 342 in the House and those 85 in the Senate passed the Defense of Marriage Act ’cause they hated gays.

And they wanted to punish gays, and they wanted to demean gays, and they wanted to impugn gays, and they wanted to impugn homosexuality. That’s why 342 members of the House passed DOMA, and that’s why 85 Senators voted for it. Bill Clinton signed it into law, and today Bill Clinton and his lovely and gracious wife, Hillary Rodham Rodham, issue a statement hailing the decision overturning the Defense of Marriage Act which he signed into law.

Nobody was talking about this at all 20 years ago. Who knew the entire population of the country since its founding was a bunch of evil bigots all that time? No wonder the self-righteous left hates them so.

Worse than the first decision was the second that effectively repealed California’s Prop 8 which was a ballot initiative forbidding gay marriage in the California constitution.

The court rules the people appealing a lower court that cancelled out the successful referendum did not have standing. The problem the folks who DID have standing to appeal, the state had vehemently opposed the referendum (which is why the people went that route) and absolutely refused to defend it in court:

Why go through all that time and effort and expense when even if you win, all the party machine needs is a single sympathetic lower court judge to rule in their and violà you’re foiled without standing to appeal.

Fans of Gay Marriage might be cheering today, but not as loud as fans of one party autocratic government.

But the thing that hit me the hardest this week is this:

I have been banned in Britain. My crime? My principled dedication to freedom. I am a human rights activist dedicated to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and individual rights for all before the law. I fiercely oppose violence and the persecution and oppression of minorities under supremacist law. I deplore violence and work for the preservation of freedom of speech to avoid violent conflict.

I have never been convicted of any crime. I have never been arrested. I became a writer and activist in the wake of 911.

For this I am banned. I shed no tears. I am banned from Mecca, too.

When the current queen dies England will die. There will still be a place on the map called “England” but the name will mean nothing.

And to top it all off the Bruins blew the Stanley Cup and June has been the worst month for DaTipJar all year and my brother-in-law is bad….Very Bad

Not the best of weeks.


Under the Fedora: Is it Nixon Yet (again)

Edward Snowden is the big news of the week. I have some advice for all concerned, consider the basic facts in evidence that are not in dispute:

Edward Snowden violated federal law and his oath.

Edward Snowden leaked a highly classified security program

Edward Snowden fled to a Communist Country our single biggest rival/enemy

No matter what you think of the NSA Prism programs, Mr. Snowden’s motivations or even the necessity of the exposure of this scandal, these facts are not in dispute and I suggest people be very careful before declaring him Horatius at the Bridge.


Meanwhile is other longstanding scandal news…


More and more calls have been coming for Eric Holder’s resignation, it’s been suggested that Obama is keeping his as a lightning rod but this is a foolish move.

The professional media left (read the MSM) is indifferent to the IRS, scandal and Benghazi as much as they were about Fast and Furious but the AP/Fox story hits them where they live. As long as Holder is there the Obama scandals will get coverage, but once Holder is gone the media will portray this as the president taking action and move along.

I’m really surprised the White House hasn’t figured that out yet.

For a while the defenders of the administration have been running around in circles coming up with every possible explanation as to why each and every scandal is no big deal. Via Mark Steyn at NRO we see Senator Mark Kirk has managed to get down to the nitty gritty.

Here’s another congressional-subcommittee transcript highlight of the week. Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois asks the attorney general if he’s spying on members of Congress and thereby giving the executive branch leverage over the legislative branch. Eric Holder answers:

“With all due respect, senator, I don’t think this is an appropriate setting for me to discuss that issue.”

Senator Kirk responded that “the correct answer would be, ‘No, we stayed within our lane and I’m assuring you we did not spy on members of Congress.’” For some reason, the attorney general felt unable to say that. So I think we all know what the answer to the original question really is.

That’s what it comes down to, if the administration could answer these questions in an honest and straightforward way they would.

That they can’t continues to speak volumes, the question becomes are American’s listening.


I’ve been amazed at the reliable playing of the Race card by defenders of the president as well, a card that many people believed would be the Obama administration would be the end of this kind of thing. (I’m even more amazed that people actually believed this would be the case)

Politically it’s not foolish, this card continues to resonate with the black community who has been made to believe that the only reason the right opposes Obama is because of his skin color.

No matter where the evidence leads this community is not going to believe there is cause to blame this president. I suspect if we had Obama on film wearing a White Hood and burning a cross the black community would stand behind him.



Speaking of the Race card we are seeing it being played AGAINST Gabriel Gomez by a Spanish language newspaper in Boston. They suggest that Gomez is Latino in Name only.

Think about that, what about Gabriel Gomez is insufficiently Hispanic, his command of English, his success as a Navy pilot, as a Navy Seal, his success in business.

Perhaps if he was on EBT he would be acceptable?

If that article and that argument had been made by a conservative publication that media organ would have been accused of racism,…and they’d be right.


I’m also convinced that my friend Michael Graham is dead wrong concerning this election, he is planning on staying home as are a lot of his listeners rather than vote for Gabriel Gomez.

Gabriel Gomez is not running against Michael Sullivan anymore, he’s not running against Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin, he’s running against Ed Markey.

If conservatives willing to stay home and allow Ed Markey to be elected then we deserve what we get, just like the millions of conservatives that stayed home are to blame for Barack Obama.

How’s that working out for ya?


Unemployment is up to 7.6%. The left is blaming Sequester for this and the poor economy.

For four years George Bush was to blame for the Obama Economy and now Sequester is being blamed in year five.

Barack Obama is the ultimate affirmative action hire, he will never be held responsible for anything as long as he is in the white house.


The Boston Bruins have swept the Pittsburgh Penguins to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals where they will face the Chicago Black Hawks.

It’s important to remember that the Bruins were down 4-1 early in the 3rd period of game seven vs Toronto and down two goals with 1:45 to play and tied it with two empty net goals..

When people say it’s not worth fighting in situations it’s something worth remembering.


The Santa Monica shooting is going to lead to another attempt to grab guns.

Yeah after the IRS scandal and the NSA and PRISM people are really going to be anxious to be disarmed by their government.


The upcoming gas tax increase in Massachusetts along with it being indexed to inflation gives yet another reason for the business minded to flee the state. I’m surprised Rick Perry hasn’t sent a thank you card to Deval Patrick. You can’t buy that kind of publicity.


I’m still upset at Matt Smith leaving as the Doctor after 3 seasons (and four years). When it comes down to it I think he needed at least one more year, but in fairness this is about average for people who have held the role.

Actors seems to be afraid to take the role for being typecast and identified as the Doctor. I think that’s foolish. Being the Doctor means you bring a ready made audience with you to whatever future role you have.

If you are trying to make a living in the entertainment business that is a GOOD thing..

I’d like to see an actor willing to take the role for at least 5 years the next time around. I think an older established actor would be more willing to do so.


A lot of conservatives are crowing over Fox’s RedEye at 3 AM outdrawing Morning Joe at 6-9 in key demographics .

The problem is Morning Joe isn’t competing with Fox, they’re not interesting in beating them. They’re playing to be the show of choice along the coasts from DC to Boston and from SF to LA.

Anyone who pretends otherwise is deluding themselves.

Finally I’m still amazed at the number of posts Instapundit gets up in one day. What’s more amazing is he’s pretty much done this every single day for a decade.

If or shall I say when this ends it will be interesting to see who replaces him, if anyone. He has a lot of blogchildren but none have risen to his level.

What will we do when he’s gone?

See you next week

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Under the Fedora: Syndication DaPope and More

Michael Graham has now gone into Self Syndication in the same way I have, from the same studio I broadcast from, soliciting advertisers in the same way as I am, at the same time of day as me (except during the week rather than Saturdays)  and on all of the stations I’m on as well.

Who says great minds don’t think alike?

BTW FTR Radio has picked up the show as the first station added to our syndication.  This is hopefully only the first step in the expansion of the show in New England and beyond.  Frankly if there was ever a time to jump onboard as either an advertiser or to take advantage of my commentary deal, it would be now!


Pope Benedict XVI shocked the entire Catholic world by announcing his resignation this week effective February 28th.  As  Jazz Shaw put it  The last time something like this happened the only Europeans who knew America existed were Vikings.

The news has been a Godsend to Catholic Dissident groups, not because there is any chance of the new Pope being a supporter of Gay Marriage or Abortion etc etc etc, as every voting Cardinal has been appointed by either Benedict XVI or John Paul II.  The odds are better of me being named Rush Limbaugh’s permanent replacement on EIB.

However it does allow them to pretend that they are relevant, get some airtime and generate the money necessary to support their status as leftist gadflies.

People are thinking what should you call an ex Pope.  I vote for Holy Grand Father.


My co-blogger Roxeanne tells he she’s been having trouble with her internet for 4 weeks.  Comcast has really fumbled the ball on this.  I keep reminding her she has access to a blog now ranked 101 among conservative web sites.  Comcast should consider this too.



As I’m typing this Chris Dorner has apparently been killed by police but not before he took hostages and killed one officer and wounded another.

The celebration of Dorner based no race and ideology has been one of the more disgusting things I’ve seen.  It is in my opinion symbolic of a portion of society where fatherhood is a rare thing but even with that rationalization it’s still a shock, but it shouldn’t be after all there are those who celebrated Charles Manson, but there was a time before the net that people would be ashamed to celebrate evil publicly.

Welcome to post Christian America.


This week’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio BTW will feature Bishop Daniel Reilly in the first hour on the subject of the Pope’s resignation,  and author Dave Carter talking about his book to be released Friday “Che the lost diaries”.   It would not surprise me to see Christopher Dorner to be celebrated in the same way as Che.  On the bright side it beats him being lionized like Muma




It has been announced that the 2nd Doctor Adventure that will be showed this month for the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who is Tomb of the Cybermen.

I wasn’t surprised but I would have preferred the War Games, but there is no chance a 10 part adventure would be picked, particularly as it was a regeneration episode.


I usually don’t’ have much good to say about Deval Patrick but in my opinion the state did an excellent job with the Blizzard of 13.  The lessons of 1978 and the ice storm seem to have been learned.

He’s still a bad governor but credit when credit is due.

I prefer one huge storm vs snow all winter.  There is a lot of back breaking shoveling but it’s only done once.

Meanwhile there are some people in a in NY who as of Tuesday still haven’t had a plow pass by.  I guess Cuomo is too busy worrying about passing laws to help him in 2016.

Robert Stacy McCain is used to covering stories others have ignored:

It’s Ash Wednesday, and a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher was laid to rest in Westchester County, N.Y. Her story is now gaining international attention, but the New York Times and the national TV networks can’t be bothered to report the death of a woman who died after a late-term abortion by Dr. LeRoy Carhart. So the story got covered by Viral Read:

Some have objected and he has answered:

Accuse me of disrespecting the Morbelli family’s grief, denounce me for seeking to exploit this woman’s death for the sake of politics and I will repeat what I’ve said before: I don’t care, just stop ignoring this story.

This story isn’t about me or you or Jill Stanek. This story is about an abortionist who left a woman to bleed to death. If you want to target Jill Stanek for a lawsuit, please go right ahead, Bridgette, and I’ll cover the lawsuit, because that will call attention to the shameful enormity of the bloody career of this disgraceful butcher, LeRoy Carhart.

Double-dog dare ya.

No, Bridgette, you wouldn’t dare pursue such a lawsuit, because you know as well as I do that the more Americans learn about what “late-term abortion” really means, the more they’ll be horrified to know that the United States is one of only four countries in the world — along with China, North Korea and Canada — where abortions are legal in the 33rd week of pregnancy.


I’ll have Stacy on the show next week,  I wonder if anyone will bother to report this story by then?


CPAC & Blogbash is coming, my friend Jerry Wilson is not impressed:

For the uninitiated — you haven’t missed much, believe me — BlogBash is a party thrown for political bloggers during CPAC (an annual gathering of conservatives) by one Ali Akbar, with whom my encounters have been well chronicled, and associates. It’s quite the to-do, with awards and sponsors and special guest star appearances by high rollers in conservative new media and politicians. Gaining admittance to BlogBash is the modern equivalent of trying to get into Studio 54.

Come BlogBash night, you will see scads and scores of blog posts and tweets from those in attendance hanging out with others in attendance, 99 44/100% of which will feature photos of said attendees in various states of inebriation hanging onto other attendees.

Assuming I make it to CPAC (my credentials have been approved) I’ll likely be at Blogbash.  You’ll find me sitting on the floor near an electrical outlet typing away as I always am.


The GEICO ad of Dikembe Mutombo is simply brilliant.  It’s one of those things you can watch and just smile.  With the political scene being what it is you need a reason to smile these days.


I hang with a group of friends on Tuesdays playing board games as we have since the 70’s.  Three of us went to High School Together.  The oldest of the three of us turns 50 this week.

I feel very old seeing this.


This is my least favorite time of the year,  waiting for the start of baseball season.   The snow is on the ground and the first spring training games have yet to start Doctor Who hasn’t yet returned to TV.

Spring can’t come fast enough.

Some TV?  My wife has started watching Arrow, it’s an interesting re-write of the old Green Arrow comic, its big into the whole Anti-hero theme but no matter how you slice it, you have a bunch of six packed guys doing very manly things.

Women were never big into superhero stuff but once you had movies and TV’s full of hunks you KNEW that was going to change.



Finally I want to thank the readers, when I decided to have a weekly tip jar goal so I could finally start paying myself I was very worried.  When I made my $300 weekly goal the first time I felt good but it’s not the first time but the 2nd time that makes the difference.  Well Week two raised the $300 and then some.

None of this is possible without you.  I won’t forget it.


Under the Fedora: Courage Models et/al

This morning I was looking at Morning Joe when they said we had the potential for a repeat of the Blizzard of ’78 this weekend.  Apparently there are several computer weather models and the spread is as much as 1” to 16” inches in parts of NY State.

If 72 hours out our computer models have a 1600% margin of error what makes anyone think it’s sensible to base spending on computer models forecasting “climate change” over  30 or 50 years?




Lost among the talk of the Robert Menendez and the Hookers and the Dominican donors is this story out of New Jersey:

An Elmwood Park man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to conspiring with his brother to violate federal election law by steering $21,400 in illegal campaign contributions to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez.

Benedetto Bigica, 45, admitted that he worked with his brother, Joseph, of Franklin Lakes, from April 2005 to April 2008 to make the illegal contributions, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman said.

And Joseph threw in his share:

Joseph Bigica, 47, an insurance broker, was a prominent Democratic contributor who won millions of dollars in no-bid government contracts across North Jersey. Authorities said he recruited 19 people, including family members and business associates, and used them as straw donors to make 30 illegal contributions to Menendez’s campaigns, totaling $98,600 from 2005 to 2009.

How did senator Menendez describe this?  His office called the Senator a “victim”

That’s why he didn’t pay those Hookers, he didn’t want them to be victims.

Would we even be talking about Menendez if Jay Leno didn’t crack a joke about him?

I was really excited about Robert Spencer being a speaker at the annual Catholic Men’s Conference for the Worcester Diocese.  It’s a great event, it was the first such men’s conference in the country and spawned a slew of them nationwide and there is no sight like 1000+ men lined up for confession.

Then this happened:

I was scheduled to appear at a Catholic Men’s Conference in Worcester, Massachusetts on March 16, until today, when the Roman Catholic Bishop of Worcester, Robert McManus, directed that my appearance be canceled. McManus was under pressure from Islamic supremacist groups who were calling and emailing the diocese demanding that he cancel my appearance. I’ve been informed that they were asked to call the diocese and demand the cancellation by a Boston Globe reporter named Lisa J. Wangsness, who contacted me this morning and appears to have instigated the entire controversy.

Meanwhile He spoke at the Natick VFW this week I interviewed him afterwards:

I know the Bishop and he’s a pretty decent guy who has not given in to the media in the past.  I suspect he was badly played by the various groups involved but what really confuses me is this:

The Globe has not and likely will not be any sort of ally of the church and when the “new evangelization” gets into full swing the same people screaming for the removal of Spencer will be objecting to Catholic proselytizing .

What will happen when these same people start objecting then?


In Massachusetts the GOP has only 11% registration, last week the state party had an election for a new Chairman.  Kirsten Hughes was the winner and spoke to me after her election.

She is a competent and energetic person who might be able to pull it off, unfortunately the method by which she was umm less than optimal:

Thursday’s debacle left the activists who attended outraged. They were upset with the blatant attempt to steal the election during the first ballot, angered at the attempt to block the 2nd after the votes were cast, befuddled when their candidate was made to announce his defeat ad simply outraged that they had to literally scream for the vote count of the second ballot (41-39) before it was given.Meanwhile the Mass GOP managed to shoot itself in the foot during the election for party chair between eventual winner Kirsten Hughes

Karl Rove, Scott Brown and Mitt Romney not withstanding , you can’t win an election attacking your party and you can’t grow a party by treating your base this way.  Perhaps when the GOP figures that out  I’ll come back.

Things continue to go poorly in Egypt, in addition to the issues with freedom now they have an issue with bread:

the government is telling Egyptians (almost half of whom live on less than $2 a day) to eat less. You can’t make this sort of thing up. Egypt lost another $1.4 billion in foreign exchange reserves in January, and probably is flat broke after figuring in arrears to oil and food suppliers, and it imports half its food, so something had to give. In response, Egypt’s Islamist government is emulating North Korea’s approach to food shortages:

But …but I thought with Mubarek out his family wasn’t stealing anymore?  Where is that money going?  Well that’s a good question but the origin of this issue likely comes from another source:

“We need stability to get tourists back. But the Islamist rule is provoking more instability and rage,” said Sayed Abdel Tawab, a 33-year-old tour guide who has seen his daily earnings shrink from $32 per day to $11.

“I have no hope there will be stability,” said Yasser Bahlol, 33, in his own souvenir stand as he idly surveyed what would previously have been a bustling, high-season flow of visitors. Only a few Egyptian visitors wandered past, spending little.

It’s hard to pay for imported calories when you chase away the tourists who provide the capital for them.  As Spengler puts it…

We are watching something unique and terrible in modern history, namely the disintegration of a society of 80 million people, with the prospect of real hunger–a self-made famine brought about by social and political disaster rather than crop failure or war.

I don’t know how unique it is.  There is a certain fellow named Mugabi who managed to turn his country into a land of food shortages.

The Ravens won the Superbowl, that didn’t surprise me, that they were able to strop the 49ers on a goal line stand, that didn’t surprise me either, but I object to the entire philosophy of the entire non-call on the 4th and goal play.

Either holding is a flagible offense or it is not.  The rule book doesn’t say holding is allowed if it is in the 4th quarter of the Superbowl with under two minutes to play.

That’s why I like baseball, umps might blow a play on occasion but the rules are the rules are the rules and you can’t run out the clock to win.

The game has become a lot about the ads, some ads like the Paul Harvey Farm ad will be remembered long after they are done, others like the Go Daddy Kiss will soon be forgotten.

The ad that I will remember most is the Prom Ad.  I hated it and its personal.  I always was told there were plenty of people at the prom alone, but at my senior prom I was the only single there.  A cloth was tied to the empty chair next to me   Single most humiliating experience of my life.

The real irony, my wife to be, same High School Class was at home, wasn’t  asked.

Shoulda woulda couda ….


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Under the Fedora, Conventional wisdom and boobs

In the MSM this week it’s been all about Hillary Clinton and her inevitable nomination and election to the presidency.  Didn’t we see this movie five years ago?

Don’t count out Joe Biden for a moment.  Goofball image (I think that’s deliberate) not withstanding he served in the Senate for 36 years.  I suspect he has more to do with the Senate “no budget” move and the Obamacare passage than people realize.

Anyone who believes conventional wisdom unquestionably must be all excited to see the Patriots play Green Bay in this week’s Superbowl.

Speaking of football the debate on the game continues, Bernard Pollard has this to say about the future of the game as things are done to make it safer:

“Thirty years from now, I don’t think it will be in existence,” Pollard told CBSSports.com. “I could be wrong. It’s just my opinion, but I think with the direction things are going — where [NFL rules makers] want to lighten up, and they’re throwing flags and everything else — there’s going to come a point where fans are going to get fed up with it.”

The pro-bowl was this week, once a year you have a game that is pretty much a flag football game without the flags in Hawaii to celebrate the best players of the year just before or just after the Super Bowl.

I’m sure a lot of people watched as the last game of the year when it comes on after or as the only game of the week before. But ask yourself this:  If every game was like that one would you pay to see it?  Would you buy an NFL package?  Would you go to the bar to watch it?

As these changes continue the viewers of the NFL will drift elsewhere, I suspect to the Legends (read Lingerie) football league.  Did you know there was such a thing with twelve teams in a national league nationwide?  If fans can’t have big hits they’ll just have to settle for big…..em ha well….moving on….

Did you know I have a co-blogger on my site?  I met Roxeanne De Luca in Boston the night of Scott Brown’s victory party back in 2010.  She is a brilliant young lady who has become a friend.  If I had a daughter I wish it would be her and if my sons were older, she is who I’d want them to end up with.

Yesterday she wrote a piece called:  How’s that women-empowering sexual revolution thing working out for you?

The author of this article, Allison Pearson, talks a lot about the porn culture and the ready access to a “virtual world” (online, texting, etc.). But she misses the point.   We could have thrown mobile phones at women in the 1860s, but no man would have dared to ask a lady to perform fellatio on him, because her dad would shoot him.  As in, dual to the death, all members of her family lined up to protest the treatment of their sister.  (I will note that some very backwards countries shoot the wronged woman, not the offending man.)

This is a sexual revolution issue.  Once we started saying that promiscuity is empowering, that sexual experimentation is fun for women, that pregnancy is the only obstacle a woman faces in intimate acts, we gave young men license to treat young women like unpaid prostitutes.  (Actually, worse – a man might understand if a prostitute said that she was off-duty for the night.)


She only posts maybe once or twice a week but she’s a gem.  I’m proud to have her here.


As the Media continues to push gun control/confiscation/etc etc etc At PJ media Vodkapundit reprints a petition to eliminate armed guards around the president.  If Gun Free Zones are sufficient to protect our children they should be good enough for the politicians:

What’s the Biblical quote:  “No servant is greater than the master?”  Then again maybe today’s public servants have a different view of who serves who.


Of course a lot of definitions can be flexible for example words like “Newsworthy”  for example when one is a US senator and there is word about an FBI investigation concerning say, Underage Dominican Hookers and you’re scheduled to be on a national TV show.  You could cancel but if you can’t or won’t you may consider a strategy of deny, Deny DENY!

I suspect this was the strategy of Senator Robert Menendez as he appeared on ABC’s THIS WEEK two days after news of the FBI investigation of a sexual scandal involving underage Dominican Hookers broke.

Alas for the Senator ABC News’ Martha  Raddatz totally foiled that strategy by cleverly choosing to refuse to ask a single question on the subject

If Martha Raddatz, who we were all assured was an unbiased and professional journalist when questions arose before the vice-presidential debate last year, doesn’t find a scandal involving underage hookers and a US senator newsworthy when it involves a democrat why would any member of the party of Jackson feel restrained in anything?


Allen West is now working for PJ media doing a feature called Next Generation :  This week talked about women in combat saying

This mission of the United States Military is to fight and win our nations war, fairness is an evaluative criteria.

While the media will ignore his words except to critique it the most significant thing he said was talking about how the enemy can strike anywhere

And as we saw four years ago at Fr. Hood Texas the enemy can strike where our troops should feel most secure their own military installation.  At Fr. Hood a pregnant soldier lost her life.

Ft. Hood WAS an enemy attack, the left likes to pretend otherwise, it doesn’t fit their worldview


As a now syndicated radio talk host this might be a dangerous opinion but I’ve never understood the various commercials for testosterone or for erection pills (yes they have a name, but lets face it that’s what they are.

Let me tell you something.  If a woman doesn’t want you sexually none of this stuff is going to make a difference.   I don’t care what brand of after shave you use, how many pills you pop, how must testosterone you take or how many little blue pills you have stashed in your wallet, none of these things are going to make a woman who doesn’t want you, want you.


Victor Davis Hanson talked about the state of the state of California this week

Also, when you say, “My God, one of every three welfare recipients lives in California,” or “California schools are terrible,” you mean really, “Not in Newport or Carmel. So who cares about Fresno, or Tulare — they might as well be in Alabama for all the times I have been there.”

 He continues

Thank God for Mississippi and Alabama, or California schools would test dead last.

Somehow, in just thirty years we created obstacles to public learning that produce results approaching the two-century horrific legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. About half the resources of the California State University system are devoted to remedial schooling for underperforming high school students (well over half who enter take remediation courses; half don’t graduate even in six years; and well over half have sizable financial aid). The point of CSU’s general education requirement is not so much any more to offer broad learning (who is to say what is “general education?”), but rather to enter a sort of race, class, and gender boot camp that allows some time off to become familiar with how the culture and politics of the state should continue.

Hey as long as Mexico remains a bigger basket case, California will remain heaven to those who would cross.

As Glenn Reynolds says, “They’ll make us all beggars because they are easier to please.”

Well the first doctor who special is over and done as is the episode The Aztecs, it’s available on Netflix and you should watch it if you can.  It has a great message for today explained here.

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Under the Fedora: The Man

Stan Musial died Saturday. 

Youngsters might not recognize the name although their spell checkers will.  Musial never dated movie stars, he wasn’t known for fights with the press, brawls in bars, or bad behavior of any time.  He was married for 72 years to the same woman who died last May and was never known to mistreat anyone expect opposing pitchers whose offering he deposited all over the field or over the fence from 1940 till 1962.

Musial won 3 MVP and was runner up 4 times.  Think of that a second, for one third of his career it was the consensus that he was the best or second best at what he did in the league.

That’s simply incredible.

There have been many tributes to Stan Musial over the last few days, but I think the greatest tribute to him was paid last year by Albert Pujois.

When he was signed by the Angels they put up promotional signs referring to him as El Hombre.  Given his numbers in 11 years he averaged 40 HR & 121 RBI a season while hitting .328. certainly number that would justify being called “El Hombre”, “The Man” but he would have none of it.

"I still have the same respect for him as I had, not just for what he's done in baseball but for what he did for his country. That's something you have to appreciate."

That really says it all doesn’t it?  BTW the Angels took down the billboards.

Best description of Stan Musial I ever read came from Bill James when declaring him the best left fielder of all time over Ted Williams :

 …if I had to choose between the two of them, I’d take Musial in left field, Musial on the basepaths, Musial in the clubhouse and Williams only with the wood in his hand.  And Stan Musial could hit a little, too.


Someone not thinking of death these days is Andrew Cuomo.  His latest abortion proposals bid to secure the Democrat left for 2016 are so extreme it produced this exchange between Elizabeth (The Anchoress) and her husband:

“he wants to be president. He is pandering to Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List because there is gold in them thar purses.”

My husband was appalled to ponder it: “a lot more than 30 pieces of silver,” he said, and it’s not going to get him to heaven.”

“Yeah, well, he’s not seeking heaven, just now,” I shrugged. “He’s seeking the White House, and power.”

Nobody is promised tomorrow, Andrew Cuomo might consider that, if he actually believed.  But I don’t’ think he does.

 I have given no pixels at all to Steubenville OH Rape case that has the left and the occupods in an uproar.  Lee Stranahan has and can tell you Everything you know about the case is wrong:

Among the widely reported and false claims:

  • Steubenville is so corrupt that no justice is possible.
  • There has been a massive cover-up in the case.
  • The victim was drugged, put in a car trunk to bring her to a series of parties, urinated on, and left for dead in a field.
  • That there a number of witnesses to the assaults who have not come forward.
  • The school’s football coaches were involved in the night’s activities.
  • That football players were given easy or preferential treatment in this case.
  • No media was covering the case except for one blogger until Anonymous got involved.
  • That no justice would happen in this case were it not for the intervention of Anonymous.
  • The infamous video of Michael Nodianos joking has nothing to do with the legal case.

To reiterate, those claims are rumors that are unsupported by evidence and yet if you click on any link to a story about the case, you’ll find any number of in whichever story you read.

Lee positively owns this story and that ownership is making a lot of people angry, must mess with the approved narrative don’t you know .

The Atlanta Falcons Tony Gonzalez moved one step closer to being  the Ernie Banks of Football.  A well-loved Hall of Fame player who never made it to the big game.  It’s quite possible Goonzalez is the best Tight End to ever play the game but he has some interesting opinions concerning marriage, (via Wikipedia)

Gonzalez had a commitment ceremony in July 2007 with his girlfriend, October, and considers himself married.

Considers himself married?  Really?  Well why not?  If we can redefine marriage one way why shouldn’t we redefine it any way anybody wants it to be?  After all it’s not like marriage is anything important.

And if you object you are a racist, bigot sexist homophobe.

People are laughing at this story about a guy at Verizon who outsourced his own job for a 1/5 of the price and pocketed the difference that he was being paid.

Two thoughts:  If Verizon was satisfied with the work and the price they were paying for it, what do they have to complain about?

And frankly how is this any different than a contractor hiring a subcontractor to do a job?

Chip Jones at Conservative Report Online has a hell of a question concerning Benghazi:


You see, the Kalashnikov rifle chambers a 7.62 mm round. The US M-4 rifle chambers a 5.56 mm round. What is widely reported and accepted is that at least two of the TDY Green Berets who were assigned by the CIA as ARSO’s (assistant regional safety officers) were badly wounded and were treated for multiple gunshot wounds after they rescued over 20 civilian CIA workers from the compound.

The single question that needs to be asked is: “Were the rounds taken out of the wounded ARSO’s 7.62 mm or 5.56 mm?” And when the answer comes back “5.56 mm”, it opens the door to the proof that the cover up was meant to hide the fact that the Obama administration had been caught once again arming offshore groups that did not have the interests of our country at heart. It would open the door to proof that Benghazi was “Fast and Furious on Steroids.

Considering the MSM’s lack of interest in Fast and Furious it’s going to take an awful lot of steroids to get the MSM’s attention


Covered a GOP forum on Monday with two of the candidates for Mass. GOP Chair

 Kirsten Hughes

 and Rick Green.

I think these two candidates perfectly encapsulate the question the GOP faces nationally.

If you are a bit sleepy this from NiceDeb will wake you up:

Dr. Jim Garrow, a renowned author and humanitarian, made the shocking claim on his Facebook page, yesterday.

I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not.” Those who will not are being removed.

Garrow noted in the comments that  “the man who told me this is one of America’s foremost military heroes,” prompting this relpy from one of his followers, “if this man is truly a military hero, he had better not be keeping this a secret. Military hero’s (sic) do what’s right, not what’s comfortable for themselves.”

Garrow responded, “have folks forgotten that the word is now out. I believe that the gentleman has done what he should and allowed all of us to sound the alarm.


If this is the slightest bit true it will be very interesting to see the reaction in the ranks.

Jack Mitchel’s book Fireside Chat is becoming more and more relevant


A bit of a cultural thing, when I wanted that Bill James quote from the start of this piece I didn’t search the net.  I remembered reading it and ran upstairs grabbed the book I saw it in, leafed through it until I found it.  I tend to do that an awful lot when writing.  In this internet age/kindle age it must seem a quaint and amusing thing to do.  I’m sure some of the younger set must laugh at it.  Let them.  I’ll take the printed word over the pixel every time.  With the printed word I can say with 100% certainty that what it says on the page today will be the same thing it says on it tomorrow.

You know you are old when you find yourself using the words “the younger set” in a sentence.

Finally there is huge news concerning DaTechGuy on DaRadio.  Last week was my final week on WCRN AM 830.  Starting Saturday at 1 PM my radio show will be Syndicated by Cameo Productions.  The first stations carrying me will be in Massachusetts from the Money Matters Radio Network, a fourth online station will be added Feb 2nd and from there, who knows?


Under the Fedora Ethics & Elastics

Back when I was in New York before the election there was a question during a debate between Ann Marie Buerkle and Hilary Rosen concerning fracking in NY

What wasn’t known at the time the question was asked was that NY State already had a report on Fracking and the environment commissioned by the state which said this:

The state’s Health Department found in an analysis it prepared early last year that the much-debated drilling technology known as hydrofracking could be conducted safely in New York.

Well this is great news, it’s strange that we are only hearing about this report now, but then again, if it was up to the Cuomo administration we still wouldn’t have heard of it:

“Thanks to a leak from an anonymous insider, we learned Thursday that a report commissioned by the State of New York has given fracking a clean bill of health. The insider ‘did not think it should be kept secret’ and released the document, which is now nearly one year old, to the New York Times.”

I’m sure the fact that Ann Marie Buerkle winning in 2010 by a razor thin margin had nothing to do with it. After all no governor would withhold a report that could mean jobs statewide just for political reasons.

And surely that kind of thing would not happen on the federal level

The Food and Drug Administration released long-awaited documents Dec. 21 on genetically modified salmon: an assessment of the fish’s potential environmental effects and a preliminary “finding of no significant impact” of the fish on the environment. This brings AquAdvantage salmon — Atlantic salmon that has been modified with a growth hormone gene from chinook salmon so that it reaches maturity faster — a significant step closer to FDA approval.

Astute readers will notice that the recently released documents are dated May 4. So why were they just released Dec. 21 — seven months later?

Well it’s not like they were talking to the political people on the White House side:

The seven month delay, sources within the government say, came after discussions late last spring between Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius’ office and officials linked to Valerie Jarrett at the Executive Office, who were debating the political implications of approving the GM salmon. Genetically modified plants and animals are controversial among the president’s political base, which was thought critical to his reelection efforts during a low point in the president’s popularity.


I wrote for a long time the left was acting like they were in deep trouble pre-election. Apparently they knew it too and made sure they held back anything that might depress vote from the president’s base.

Jazz Shaw asks a good question:

Obama originally swept into office claiming that the Republicans were the “anti-science party” and he was going to take the politics out science. Entine describes the White House block of the study’s release as, “a direct violation of numerous ethics regulations and possibly of federal laws.” But even if that weren’t the case, it would still be a stunning black eye for the administration which originally claimed it would change “the posture of our federal government from being one of the most anti-science administrations in American history to one that embraces science and technology.”

As time has gone by the left has become more and more dishonorable.


Speaking of things said before an election remember when Barack Obama said he would have more flexibility after the election? Well he proved it by a nominating Chuck “let the jews pay for it” Hagel for sec of Defense.

Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post opined a week before the pick that it seemed like an odd choice:

President Obama believes in tough sanctions against Iran; Hagel does not. The president insists that he wants good relations with Israel (and thereby can influence its decision-making with regard to Iran); Hagel has displayed a poisonous animosity toward the Jewish state. Hagel has advocated direct negotiations with Hamas; Obama has never gone this far. The difficulty in articulating to foes and friends our positions on an array of issues is greatly magnified when a critical cabinet officials has a long track record of disagreement with the president, or at least what the president says is his current policy.

Well it would be odd if President Obama actually believed these things

Of course some Obama supporters in the media see the Hagel nomination for what it is:

  • · As a Republican who criticized President Bush’s policy in Iraq and supported the Afghanistan war, Hagel gives Obama cover to pull troops out of Afghanistan.

  • · As a Republican who in 2011 called the Pentagon budget “bloated,” Hagel gives Obama cover to slash military spending, and to redirect money to deficit reduction and investments in Democratic policies.

  • · As a Republican who questioned the validity of unilateral sanctions against adversaries like Iran, and who spoke against knee-jerk acquiescence to Israel, Hagel gives Obama room to maneuver against Tehran.


Hagel gives Obama the cover to do the things he really wants to do but didn’t dare say it aloud.

I don’t want to hear a single complaint from any Jewish person who voted for the president. 20 years ago there might have been an excuse for not knowing but in this internet age the only reason to be ignorant of what was coming was to choose to be so.


I won’t laugh at them as lives are at stake, but I will laugh at Obama voters shocked SHOCKED to see the tax increase in the first paychecks of 2013 down 2% due to taxes. As Twitchy puts it

The harsh reality of crushed unicorn dreams and the bitter smell of regret. As Twitchy reported, Americans started noticing that Obama’s “fair share” claims weren’t so fair and many were shocked … shocked … that their first paychecks of the year were smaller.

The indebted young Twitter user above now says she was just being sarcastic, but plenty of Obama supporters facing smaller paychecks continue to show genuine disenchantment.

Those tweets are solid gold

There are some people who are doing better in these times, people like Bill Richardson:

The U.S. Export-Import Bank recently steered hundreds of millions of dollars in federal loans to Spanish green energy conglomerate Abengoa, which happens to share an advisory board member with the bank.

There was a time when the MSM would have had an interest in this story, but in the age of Obama what happens with Democrats stays in places like the Washington Free Beacon.


I don’t follow college football, but I really have to laugh when I saw my fellow Catholics going nuts over Notre Dame vs Alabama. A lot of folks were upset when they were crushed by the tide.

I wonder how many of these Catholics were outraged by Obama as the Commencement speaker or by big contributors to Emily’s (Abortion) list on the board?

Where your treasure is that’s where your heart will be.


The NHL players have FINALLY agreed to a deal with the owners ending the lockout

The National Hockey League and the NHL Players’ Association struck a tentative agreement early Sunday that may end a three-month lockout of unionized players, league and union officials announced.

Pat Garofalo at US news is not happy with the deal:

But while fans are surely excited that their favorite teams are returning to the ice (go Devils!), it’s a shame that another professional sports lockout was resolved by taking a chunk of hide from the players. And make no mistake: the lockout was about owners trying to extract huge concessions from their employees, and they largely succeeded.

These guys get paid a fortune to play a game, there are literally hundreds of people vying for each of their jobs that they have and they are upset at having to split the money. You’ll forgive me for not crying for them.


Time Magazine has suddenly discovered that there might be a downside to sex selective abortion

Growing evidence suggests that in countries like India and China, where the ratio of men to women is unnaturally high due to the selective abortion of female fetuses and neglect of girl children, the rates of violence towards women increase. “The sex ratio imbalance directly leads to more sex trafficking and bride buying,”

I don’t see why we should care, haven’t we been told for years these aren’t actually children being aborted? Mark Steyn who pointed this out years ago says this about the Time article:

The dearth of chicks will be one of the most important and consequential features of the global scene a couple of decades on, and, as I write in After America, “a world full of male frustrations will always find a market for sex slavery.” If American feminists wished to raise awareness of the issues Time is now addressing, they might give it an arresting name like, oh, “the war on women.” But I gather that title’s taken.

Hey it’s not a “war on women” unless the problem can be traced to white republican men or Christians, but maybe if Time blames it on colonialism they can pull it off?


Finally for Christmas I got an excellent book for Christmas Ships of Oak Guns of Iron by Ronald D. Utt and noticed an interesting question from Charles Francis Adams as to when the US became a world class power:

Adams not only says “yes” but dares to specify an exact date and time when the country reached this point:

…To be specific , it was at thirty minutes after six o’clock on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 19th 1812.

It wasn’t Adams quote, but the next two sentences of the author Ronald D. Utt that caught my eye:

Adams did not have to remind his audience what had happened at that specified moment. They all knew, as did every schoolboy in the nation (emphasis mine)

I will wager not one boy in a thousand today knows the significance of that day, It was the day Issac Hull in USS Constitution destroyed the HMS Guerriere.

In other words it’s a story of heroes and such stories are not allowed to be celebrated in Modern America as I wrote last week:

A society emulates and it’s children aspire to what it celebrates. A country celebrates greatness, can remain great. A society that celebrates nothing, can’t.

That simple sentence in that book says more about the decline of America than any budget battle or reality show ever can.

Truer words never spoken