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Candidate Steven Hall will join Joe in studio Sat the 17th

Steven Hall

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Steven Hall is running for the State Senate, he is Republican.  The seat his is seeking is the Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire, and Middlesex District. He seeks to replace incumbent Anne Gobi (D).

Hall has declared healthcare, veteran and senior care, support for small businesses, tax relief, economic growth, and the opioid crisis as some of the first things on his agenda should he be elected.


Steven Hall and his wife of 37 years, Janet, moved to Sturbridge in 2006 after spending 22-years raising their family in Wales. Steven is a 1979 graduate of Pathfinder Regional Technical High School. After graduation, he spent 25 years as a machinist and toolmaker. In 2004 Steve graduated from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine with a Baccalaureate of Science in Long-Term Care Administration. He has spent the last 13-years as a Nursing Home Administrator and, more recently, as an independent nursing home consultant.

Besides being instrumental in leading numerous skilled nursing facilities to high clinical achievement and profitability, he is also the inventor and developer of two healthcare safety products.

In his leadership roles as a consultant, Nursing Home Administrator, machine shop manager, and business owner, Steve has demonstrated over-and-over that his foundation for success started with listening, caring, and having a strong commitment of service to the people he serves. He will not waiver from his inventive spirit and these principles of service to you when elected to Beacon Hill.


Worcester County
East Brookfield
New Braintree
North Brookfield
West Brookfield
Hampden County
Hampshire County

Middlesex County


Is this the Diehl MA voters have been waiting for?

“The New Deal” was shouted from the roof tops by the Dems many, many years ago.  It was associated with National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933.  It was for huge amounts of spending on civil and Farm projects.

But the deal MA voters are being offered today is a Diehl of another kind.  This Diehl seems to be about cutting spending and being accountable to the taxpayer, I know a novel idea.

Geoff Diehl, a State Rep form Whitman, announced he is a candidate for the MA Senate seat being occupied by Sen Lizzy Warren.  She unseated Sen Scott Brown who filled the open seat held by Sen Kennedy.  If you remember, it was “The People’s Seat” ..not a Kennedy seat.

Geoff gained great notoriety for his fight against the Graduated Gas Tax bill this would have tied the automatic Gas Tax increases to the Consumer Price Index.  Should I point out that gas cost is tied to food prices and other good and services?  The end result being inflation and the rising the cost of goods and services .. and of course the Gas Tax would rise again.  Do you see the loop here.. it’s a self feeding tax that will keep on giving.

An estimated 2 Billion dollars has been saved by MA Tax payers.  The proponents of the Gas Tax spent 31 to 1 dollar on fighting the ballot question.

For those of us who are still in mourning Scott Brown losing the People’s Seat, can Lizzy Warren be unseated?

Is Geoff Diehl the only one who can unseat the far-left, out-of-touch, anti-business Junior Senator from the most Blue, Liberal state in the union?  Well, he has name recognition, ability to raise money, a track record a conservative could be happy with.  And from what I can understand no “skeletons” or October surprises waiting, but you never know.

But can this married man with two children a supportive wife and solid business background take on the ultra-left, militant atmosphere along with the parasitism media?

What’s the plan?  Will the money be there?  What is the message? Will he get through the primary?  Yes folks their is a Republican primary.

Geoff will join me in studio Saturday (Feb 10th) at 7 am.  We will be taking calls and asking Geoff to tell us how he plans to bring some transparency and accountability to Massachusetts delegation.

WCRN am 830 and WACE am 730 – Call in line: 508-871-7000


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Whitman, MA – 8/01/2017 – Republican Geoff Diehl officially kicks off his campaign for the US Senate against Elizabeth Warren.