On the heels of my viral web video “Let America Be America Again,” Elizabeth Warren has introduced a new TV ad with a very different message – Make America More Like China.

You heard that right.  Warren, the “intellectual founder” of the Occupy protest movement and the inspiration for the “you didn’t build that” philosophy, is holding up China, with its repressive government policies, as the model for American progress.

Adding insult, Warren decided to introduce her new China ad during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics when patriotic Americans will be competing against the Chinese and other nations around the world.

This is why people are calling the Massachusetts Senate race “ground zero” in the battle to defend free enterprise.

The whole point of Warren’s China comparison is that she wants a new $1 trillion stimulus program.  We’ve tried a big stimulus already and it failed.  All it got us was more debt and fewer jobs.

Being more like China is no way to strengthen America.  What we need to do is Let America Be America Again.

Scott Brown

P.S. With so much at stake in this “ground zero” election, I hope you will chip in whatever you can afford to help me fight back against Warren’s misguided vision for America.  If you can do $10, $25 or even $50, that will send me a signal that you are with me in this battle.  Thank you.