BarryHinckley: More Jobs, Less Politics. As Senator I’ll fight for real tax reform so our small businesses can grow

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Hinckley Interview

Eight grandfathers ago, Barry Hinckley’s forebear, Col. James Barrett, commanded the regiment of Minutemen at Concord, credited with firing one of the first shots at the advancing British across the North Bridge. Col. Barrett’s family farm still stands today and has since become a local landmark. In honor of this American hero’s inimitable spirit, Barry is running for U.S. Senate in Rhode Island with the goal of restoring our great nation’s security and ensuring a prosperous future for our children. The status quo today spells disaster for this nation. Fortunately, changing the status quo is a Hinckley family tradition.

A lifelong New Englander from a family of boat builders, Barry understands the significance of the marine manufacturing industry and its place at the heart of Rhode Island’s economy. As a citizen, Barry has witnessed rampant government regulation drive jobs and revenue out of his State, weakening its core industry. Every Rhode Island family has endured the fallout from these harmful policies in some way, and have a poignant story to tell: from a father losing his job, to a sister who’s unable to make payroll at her small business, to the son trying desperately to find a job and put himself through college. Barry is committed to changing the narrative so Rhode Islanders can start telling positive stories about growth, economic independence and opportunity.

Barry has 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and a long track record of creating jobs. Barry founded the company, Bullhorn Software, which now employs 150 people and earns over $25 Million in revenue. Under Barry’s stewardship, Bullhorn consistently grew its revenue year-by-year, making it one of Boston Business Journal’s, “10 Fastest Growing Private Companies” in New England five years running. The company Barry built has won over fifty different industry awards, and in 2005 Barry was named one of Boston’s “40 under 40” successful businessmen. He was also a finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2009.

As Senator, Barry will implement the same private sector leadership that propelled Bullhorn to success. He will work tirelessly to ensure Rhode Islanders that same opportunity to flourish. We require a next generation leader with demonstrated vision, drive and spirit to break the federal government’s stronghold over our job creators. Rhode Islanders deserve to be praised, not penalized, for pursuing their dreams and for contributing to our local and national economy. They deserve a Senator who understands and who will enable them to succeed at whatever their chosen path may be. Every company in the world looking to expand its operations should look no further than Rhode Island, and we must work together to put our home-state on that map. It’s time to leverage Rhode Island’s resources, nimble size, marine economy and eager workforce to become the state that leads America out of recession and back to glory. We need a businessman, not a bureaucrat, to solve the problems our federal government has created.

Literally hundreds of thousands of pages of regulation are crushing the American Dream – YOUR dream – every day. Washington’s spending spree has run our economy into the ground and our massive debt burden is no longer sustainable. As Senator, Barry will declare war on our debts and deficit by eliminating earmarks, cutting all redundant programs, and fighting for a constitutionally-sound Balanced Budget Amendment. In addition, Barry vows to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with health care reform that actually lowers costs and promotes innovation, making cutting edge health care affordable and accessible to more people.

Our staggering 67,000-page tax code is also in desperate need of reform. For years, Barry has worked as a tax reformer and has a proven plan in place to tackle this challenge. Barry supports a fairer, simpler tax code that will help facilitate economic expansion. The best social program is a good job, but those jobs can only exist in an economy strengthened by lower taxes. Simply put, we need a 21st century tax code for a 21st century economy.

For too long, politicians have kicked the “entitlement reform” can down the road hoping someone else will fix the problem. Barry believes the federal government must stop looting the Social Security Trust Fund and treating it like its own personal petty cash drawer. Rhode Island has one of the largest senior populations in the country and we owe it to them to treat Social Security as retirement savings. Our citizens contribute much of their hard earned income to Social Security and those funds deserve to be respected and used for their intended purpose.

If we truly seek to effect change, from the halls of Washington to the seaside towns of Rhode Island, we must elect a leader with executive experience, not a career politician. The time for our current leaders to tinker around the edges has passed. Barry Hinckley promises to delve deep into the heart of the matters that affect us all, with bold leadership and fresh ideas, to create the strong Rhode Island, and America, our children deserve.