From the Clinton Savings Bank Studios….

Tease going to Sundays starting in October..Hank is back, starting Tuesday.. 6 to 10 am Talk of the Commonwealth…in today

FB restricted me for “Distributing false information” because I re-posted something about Hillary saying Trump should run for political

Trump on Wall.. new wall going up all over.. 2020 promise.. how pay for it.Audio.. stymie on paying for the wall & it was from the 17 and 18 budget

A veteran Minneapolis cop and decorated US vet will run against independent to challenge Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar — and said Friday that her comments about 9/11 prompted his decision

6:30 – HC Tip Baker Veto, MA Fiscal Alliance – Paul Craney Union Bosses, Privacy, dues, can veto plans,

7:00 Dr Fedawa

Corey L and Allison on CNN ..

Many students walked out of school for the Global Climate Strike, which comes ahead of next week’s United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York.Thousands gathered in City Hall Plaza for the Boston Climate

7:30 Handling Change – Cantiani Insurance –

Joe Kennedy running against Markey

In just 24 hours, President Trump raised $15 million in California alone. To put this in perspective, California Senator Kamala Harrishas only raised $11.8 million during the entire 2019 second quarter

Sen. Hirono: Democrats Have a Hard Time “Connecting” With People Because Of “How Smart We Are”

Dunning–Kruger effects a cognitive bias in which people mistakenly assess their cognitive ability’s greater than it is. It is related to and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability