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Aug 22nd, 2020 TOFY – Today’s Observation For You – Convention, suppression and justification

Aug 22nd 2020 Post

TOFY – Today’s Observation For You

………………Convention, suppression and justification…………….

Today marks 73 days to the Presidential elections.. We are two days out of the Democrat’s Convention and two days to the Republican Convention. What have we learned so far?

Let’s first take a look at the Dems Convention.. the first “Virtual” convention ever!

Over four days we watched.. I use the term “we” loosely.. since it had the worst ratings viewership marks nearly a 28% drop from the high-stakes DNC of 2016 convention. The combined broadcast channels ABC, CBS, and NBC were down a staggering 42% with just 6.7 million viewers at 10 p.m. Cable networks Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN were down 16% to nearly 12 million viewers. In total, that’s fewer than 19 million views

It should be noted that Fox’s Tucker Carlson has the highest rated Cable show.. averaging upwards of 4.3 million viewers for his one hour show.. with CNN at about 1.8 million for the same hour.

So if you did tune in.. you saw a lot of Trump bashing.. not too much of what the Democratic plan is.. Not why they are the better choice.. other than we need to beat Trump! They didn’t lay out policy or what they wanted to accomplish.. I think the Republicans were more giddy after the speeches were all done than the Dems were.

Over all the Convention should have been billed

Hate in Prime Time

Kamala Harris gave her historic speech…. Not for her performance… but for being the first Women of Color on a major party’s ticket. Kamala, the same Presidential candidate that came out hard for the primaries and lost ground every day until she finally called it quits.. telling us it was because of bias, Racism and not ready for a strong woman.. the problem there folks is that the primary is only for your party.. yes, it was your party, fellow Democrats that did not want you.. that rejected you.

But now, she’s being rammed down our throats as the best pick ever made for a VP spot.

This is a sitting Democrat Senator rated the most Liberal of all the Senators… now being labeled “moderate” and the New York Times described her as a “pragmatic moderate” She supports something extremely close to ‘Medicare for All, … She’s for the Green New Deal. And thinks criminals like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev convicted in bombing that killed three in the Boston Marathon bombing should be able to vote… from their cells! She has one of the most liberal records in the U.S. Senate, but now believe what we tell you not what you know..

Let us not forget her performance during the Primary debates, she called Joe Biden a Racists… as Dr Jill Biden pointed out .. and said “I don’t like Joe Biden and I do not like his history with certain people and who he’s aligned with, he’s trash to me”.. in June of 2019.. June of 2019.. this isn’t ancient history.. this just over a year ago.

But both candidates continue to avoid the real media… after their joint appearance.. Joe announces that there should be a 90 day mandatory mask wearing policy.. interesting how that very scientific number was picked.. it happens to take us right through the election! Then they both slid right out with no questions.. a wave, a poof of smoke and they were gone like the shapely assistant in a Vegas magic show.

But someone thought it would be a great idea for Joe to do an interview with Cardi B… a Rapper.. not a Journalist, not a News Anchor or Talk Show Host.. much less a columnist or even a Political Blogger. She is a Rapper, a singer.. an entertainer.. no one would mistake her for a member of the Algonquin Round Table .. go ahead Google her if you’ve not had the experience of hearing her speak.. she would have to take elocution lessons to rise to incoherent

Right out of the gate she pulls a Joe Biden and calls Joe Biden “Bernie”… Joe corrected her.. funny, wonder how he felt being on that side of that exchange?

This interview was done for Elle Magazine..that hard hitting news organization.. they covered several topics.. and one was getting out to vote.. and the arrogance of the Democrats when it come to Black, Latino and youth voters will never cease to amaze me.. with Joe telling her that if the same percentage of 18 to 24 year olds had voted as the rest of the population that would have been 5.2 million more votes and we would not have Trump.. we’d have Hillary.. never accrued to him that Trump may have gotten the popular vote as well as the Electoral College.. all those 5 plus million voters were obviously Hillary voters… maybe so.. perhaps.. but just observing the arrogance.

She also let Joe know that Prejudice is dangerous and it could be the start of a civil war.. nobody wants (or as she said “want”) to feel targeted.. Nobody want animosity.. everybody just want the best for themselves, their future, their kids’ future.. tell that to the Police and victims of the riots and Antifa

So the Joe Biden handlers thought they’d address the criticism of not talking to the Press with this interview.. a women best known for, other than her music, which by the way.. her latest song WAP… an acronym for two words I can’t even say on Radio… “Wet” is the first and only word permitted by the FCC and was just noted as the Raunchiest lyrics ever… that is ever, in the history of Songs published! … Google that too.. W.A.P. by Cardi B.. look up the lyrics.. back to her claim to fame other than her songs…it was for drugging men while she was a stripper and robbing them … you don’t think so.. Twitter was all a buzz with that Tweet from her.. and her defense of Rappers who used to be Pimps, robbed people and did scams and committed fraud.. even shooting people.. anything to survive was that justification..

Back to the Convention… we heard from all types.. they propped old and new.. including former First Lady.. who was sure to let us know that she detests politics.. yet was speaking at the Party’s Convention? … she went on to claim that Voter suppression was taking place.. by closing down polling places and purging voter rolls.. gawd.. I hope so.. purging voter rolls.. means removing people who no longer are eligible to vote, taking people who cannot legally vote off the list .. either they moved, have no voter action for several cycles or they died!.. yes, how dare dead people be removed from the voter registration… know how difficult it is for a dead person to vote.. imagine if they aren’t on the Voter Registration when they show up at the polls!

But the most significant part of Michelle’s speech … and the part that isn’t getting any comments or notice.. is the part where she straight threatens us… given the current terrorism, violence and delicate nature of our cities… and the real fear that a Trump win would trigger even more violence and aggression for equality.. apparently our two centuries of peaceful elections and transition of power only works when they get what they want.. given all this Michelle says – “If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me they can and will if we don’t make a change in this election” … if we don’t vote Trump out.. if you don’t vote Biden or whoever we prop up.. as long as they are malleable and can be shaped to our Mob mentality.. there will be more violence, more people ripped from their vehicles and beaten unconscious, stores looted, Police blinded and beaten… so keep that in mind.. wow, talk about “Voter Intimidation”

Now Joe Biden did a good job.. a respectable job on his speech… this is something I warned about.. the Trump people kept lowering the expectations of Joe’s ability.. come on folks, it had gotten to the point that if Joe showed up and didn’t drool he did a good job.. not that his performance is one of the all time greats.. it’s not up there with Washington’s Farewell Speech or Lincoln’s Gettysburg or even George Bush’s Bullhorn 9/11 speech .. but a solid respectable performance… especially given what we were encouraged to expect.

Of course there was a lot of rewriting history.. but what was interesting.. was the Talking Heads on the Left.. you could hear the collective sigh of relief.. CNN contributor Van Jones revealed Democrats were concerned about Biden’s performance headed into the speech.

Jones explained Democrats were braced for a “terrible speech” but breathing a sigh of relief after the delivery.. “That sound that you hear all across the country is the sound of Democrats exhaling,” yea, he said that on CNN national TV.. he also said.. “…We just wanted Joe to get out there. So, you know, sometimes when he gets up there you’re afraid he’s going to make a mistake, he’s going to have a gaffe ….”

Then he must have forgotten he was on TV.. not just goofing with fellow CNNers and the ilk .. because he also said “ As long as he didn’t embarrass himself, we were going to come out here and praise him. You don’t have to make anything up tonight” … wow.. I guess the implied meaning there is … like we usually have to do..

The takeaway for me was .. the Dems are making this an election on character.. I agree.. you see .. I think Joe is on the wrong side.. I know Trump has his flaws.. but only Dems are allowed to learn and grow.. but let us not forget that it is Joe Biden who has been in DC for 48 years.. majority in the Senate..the “Upper” Chamber of Congress…and 8 of those years a heartbeat away from the Oval Office. Yet he has done nothing to make our lives better.

He helped author the 94 Crime Bill, he fought Bussing.. calling the Bussing Advocates the real problem’ He also accused Trump of being a Racist, again.. and the narrative that he is a Racist because of what he said at Charleston … does he not know or does he know and just blatantly lies to us.. because we all know.. if you have spent an ounce of effort and at least a high two digit IQ.. that Donald J Trump was referring to the argument of removing monuments when he said “There are good people on both sides” meaning of the argument on removing monuments ….. but the media and Left machine has taken that out of context.. no, not taken .. they put it out of context.. Telling the lie over and over again that he was talking about the White Supremacists in that moment.. yet he also knew what was going to happen and went on to say.. and I quote:

“I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.”

Yet there was Biden… holding on to the known lie, the false narrative… but he’s played that Race Card before.. with Mitt Romney.. when he was telling his mostly Black audience that he’ll have you all back in chains.. do we really have to go over Joe’s greatest hits?… poor kids as smart as white kids, can’t go into a 7-11 and probably the keeper … the first clean, articulate mainstream Black Candidate in reference to Barack Hussein. But they’ll keep spinning that as the greatest speech ever..

In addition, it is clear, you can count on two fingers how many times they mentioned China, they Avoided Foreign policy all together … just gave that win to Republicans

But folks, this was Joe’s easiest night.. his time to shine.. he was surrounded by love and admiration. But this is not a stable time. We have the George Floyd outrage, rightly so, the Pandemic, Vaccines, Racial Tensions .. and it could all erupt again.

The most basic difference and question people will be asking when they go to the polls.. do I want to go back to soaring stock market, low employment, higher wages, Trade deals that are fair and equitable, my 2nd Amendment safer… not secure.. but safer… or do I want smoldering cities, high taxes and companies leaving in droves.. not to mention China dictating any all terms they want.

Trump said it yesterday… the Chinese will own our country with a Biden Presidency..

Also, let us not forget the speed in which any and all investigations into the criminal activities of those in the FBI, DOJ and Obama Administration will be halted.. buried.. as if they never happened.. just like all the crimes themselves that were committed… and we’ve already been shown that prosecuting Trump after he leaves office is something they’d do.
The Republicans get their shot starting Monday. Hope they took notes as to what NOT to do for a virtual Convention. Trump already said there will be more “live” speeches and interaction.

Trey Gowdy was on one of those group talking shows.. and I’ve always been a big fan of Gowdy’s.. and he never lets me down.. he gave some advice.. and honestly I had the same thoughts.. and that is let other people tout the President’s successes, let the speeches leading up to his introduction talk about what he’s done.. Humility is considered a virtue..

The President shouldn’t keep hammering Joe.. he should hammer what he’s done in a very short, distracting and hostel 3 and half years. Trump should stick to some of his greatest hits:

The number of Judges he’s appointed … the average household income went up … 300 miles of Border Wall built and still going up … lower Prescription costs … set up Traditionally Black Colleges and Universities with record amounts of money and for a ten year stint, they don’t have to come with hat in hand every year now … Criminal Reform and Opportunity Zones… and decimating ISIS and the termination of the most wanted Terrorists .. and let us not forget the recent Middle East Peace with UAE and Israel!
As far as handling the CoronaVirus.. he listened to the experts.. and let the Governors, the States handle their states the best way they thought.. and we have tons of video of even his most fierce critics telling us Trump has been great, anything they need.. checking in with them.. but now it’s all on him.. you know what he did do?.. He used the Defense Production Act like no other President has ever.. he used it 78 times..

The Public/Private partnerships that have developed is incredible.. and there are so many companies that didn’t need the President to use the Act.. they heard the call … and responded, moved to help … because that is what real Americans do … we help, we heal, we take action we solve problems and we’ll continue to do so. Even with those trying to derail and divide, trying to burn it all down.. I’m betting on you America.. and more importantly ..I’m counting on you..

Mr. President, get back on track.. just remind us of what you’ve done, what we were able to achieve under your short Administration..

Remember, you are the Law and Order Candidate, they will stay away from acknowledging the violence and criminal activity plaguing our cities, moving towards the burbs.. just ask Mayor Lightfoot.. who banned “Protests” on her street.. let the city burn and its citizens get beaten, robbed and assaulted just not on my street .. but that my friends is another Observation for another day

I’m Joe Mangiacotti.. @JoeMangiShow


Aug 15th, 2020

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The following are some notes and outline for today’s show.

Aug 15th Notes and Show Outline:

….. days of violence. Portland.. 81 days to election Nov 3rd

6:00 AM WILSON, N.C. — Cannon Hinnant – Police have charged a 25-year-old man with first-degree murder after they say he shot and killed a 5-year-old boy last week in North Carolina. Austin Hinnant told CNN affiliate WRAL he was inside the home when his son, Cannon, was playing outside and was shot.

Darius Sessoms facing murder charges after allegedly killing five year old Cannon Hinnant.. Cannon was riding his bike in front of his dad’s home.. 25 year old Sessoms walked up to the boy..shot him in the head then went back to his home… witnesses at the scene saying it was because Cannon rode his bike through Sessoms yard.

Why have we not heard much on this in the MSM? .. don’t fit narrative?.. what if the races involved were reversed?

Earlier this week, Thursday, Barr released a statement following the announcement of charges against 22-year-old Ryson B. Ellis….. “On June 29, 2020, 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro was killed by gunfire while asleep in his bed in Kansas City, Missouri,” Barr said in a release. “His senseless death, which is part of an alarming increase in violent crime this summer, led the Department of Justice to launch Operation LeGend. As part of that initiative, we have sent greater numbers of federal law enforcement agents, investigators, and analysts to work closely with state and local law enforcement partners to remove violent criminals from the streets of key American cities.”

The Justice Department on Thursday accused Yale University of illegally discriminating against Asian American and white students in admissions, a major escalation of the administration’s attacks on affirmative action……….. If Yale does not change its admissions policy, “the Department will be prepared to file a lawsuit,” according to a letter from Eric Dreiband, Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.

It looks like a U S Air Force helicopter was shot at while flying over Virginia.. it was forced to make an emergency landing .. happened on Monday but was not make known till Wednesday. One Airman sustained a non-life threatening injury.. he was treat and released from the hospital …

Has Antifa or the Radical Left .. the Real Bad Actors gotten so ballsy to shoot at a US military aircraft?

Mail in Ballolts vx Abentee Ballots.. if you won 100 million. .would you mail your ticket.. or would you go collect in person?.. just answer that questions.. Voter Fraud:

7:00 AM – AFRICAN-AMERICAN AUTHOR: Kathy Barnette, author of Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America. Kathy is also currently running for U.S. Congress in the 4th District of Pennsylvania. Conservative political commentator Kathy Barnette shares how liberal leadership has failed the black community and how being a democrat is not synonymous with your skin color.

A group of more than 100 “black male leaders” from an array of fields signed their names to a letter saying that the black females who have been named as potential running mates to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden have been mistreated, and warning that Biden “will lose” in November if he does not choose a black woman as his vice presidential pick.

7 AM hour: Kamala Harris VP Pick: American Indian/Jamaican – not African American. (parents not citizens, she eligible to be VP/POTUS?) Did Joe have to select a Black Female?… was that Sexism? … choosing on Race is not that definition of Racism?.. brought in 26 million as of Thursday…

A federal appeals court on Friday overturned California’s ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines, ruling that the prohibition violates the Second Amendment. “Even well-intentioned laws must pass constitutional muster,” Appellate Judge Kenneth Lee wrote for the majority on the three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, adding that California’s ban “strikes at the core of the Second Amendment — the right to armed self-defense.”

7:30 AM – Dr Larry Dr. Larry is a Conservative Talk Host and Columnists

A former F.B.I. lawyer intends to plead guilty after he was charged with falsifying a document as part of a deal with prosecutors conducting their own criminal inquiry of the Russia investigation, according his lawyer and court documents made public on Friday… The lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, 38, who was assigned to the Russia investigation, plans to admit that he altered an email from the C.I.A. that investigators relied on to seek renewed court permission in 2017 for a secret wiretap on the former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, who had at times provided information to the spy agency. Mr. Clinesmith’s lawyer said he made a mistake while trying to clarify facts for a colleague.

AG Barr.. on Fox Levine.. foreshadowing something coming.. not earth shattering.. but first of many jaw dropping news coming .. not tied to campaign.. criminal investigations unfold at its own pace.. not for political reasons.

Peace Breaking Out in Middle East! President Trump up for the Noble Peace Prize!?? LOL

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have reached a deal to normalize relations, with Israel agreeing to suspend its controversial plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.

In a surprise statement by US President Donald Trump, who helped broker it, the countries called the accord “historic” and a breakthrough toward peace.

Until now Israel has had no diplomatic relations with Gulf Arab countries.


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