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Dec 28th, 2019 Gerry Daugherty from Making Money Last

Gerry Daugherty from Making Money Last on WCRN join Joe in studio to talk about the markets, their records and the 2020 Election


Dec 28th, 2019

On today’s show Joe takes your calls.. talks about VA 2nd Amendment Sanctuary cites, NYPD protesters need the NYPD to save their hides

The bookies have it 20 to 1 for Trump in 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom blames the federal government for its homelessness and all their problems

In the second hour Gerry Daugherty from Making Money Last join Joe in studio to talk about the Markets and the 2020 election


Dec 22nd 2019

On today’s show, Joe take the first show off, ever!

Pete I the tech Guy comes out of Radio Retirement and fills in for Joe.

You can hear Pete I look at Impeachment and the Dems chances with the House and their future


Dec 21st, 2019

Joe takes calls and discusses headlines.

Joe speaks with Kieth Lambert the New England entrepreneur who opened five New England for Trump stores in as many weeks .. only to find out that that is not enough.. demands continue


Dec 15, 2019 – Keith from N.E. for Trump

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Joe welcomes a very special guest, Keith, owner of New England For Trump stores. Keith opened one location because he was unable to find a hat or any Trump Merch for a rally. So he opened on right in the heart of a very Blue region.. Massachusetts!

5 locations exists now.. and more to come.

They have all your Trump gear needs covered! The word is out and the people have spoken! We set up our stores all over New England, and soon we will be even further into other states across the country. We have many different Tshirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies that have been printed right here in the USA, with a wide range of sizes for both men and women. Great catch phrases, serious amendment rights, funny slogans, and more. Visit one of our pop-up shops today!

Coming soon………..more brick and mortar stores in Mass and Rhode Island! Stay tuned!

New England for Trump donates the maximum amount allowed to the Trump Campaign – WinRed. We are not authorized by any candidate or committee.


Dec 15th, 2019

Welcome to The Joe Mangiacotti Show.. this is the audio from December 14th, 6 am to 8 am.


Dec 14, 2019 – Gerry Dougherty

WCRN Talk Host, Making Money Lasts, Gerry Daugherty joins Joe in studio.

​Gerard (Gerry) Dougherty, President of Boston Independence Group, Inc., formed the firm with a vision in mind: To help people who are standing at retirement’s doorstep preserve and grow their hard-fought retirement assets by providing lifetime income strategies.

Gerry’s radio show, Making Money Last, America’s Retirement Resource!, airs weekly on News & Talk Radio WCRN AM830, streaming on the web at Be sure to tune in every Monday and Friday mornings, 10–11 a.m.


Dec 14th, 2019

Welcome to The Joe Mangiacotti Show.. this is the audio from December 14th, 6 am to 8 am.


Dec 8th 2019

On today’s show in the first hour, open lines and takes your calls.

Joe touches on the two military base shootings this week… and the loss of a Naval Officer and his heroics

In hour two, Joe is joined by Teisha Powell, is a nationally recognized legal analyst and author of Trump Must Win: Discover the Dark Days Americans Will face if Trump Isn’t Re-elected In 2020.
Discover the dark days Americans will face if Trump isn’t re-elected for office come Nov 2020. Warren, Biden and Sanders are a bunch of crazy socialists, who will turn this Country upside its head. This is a must read for anyone who will cast her/his ballot come Nov 2020. Look at the ways Warren, Biden and Sanders plan on sinking this country into a hell hole. Do not be fooled. Go ahead and re-elect Trump, the defender of the Constitution.

PLUG BOOK:…ell+esq%2C+Teisha





TWITTER: @teisha_powell


Dec 7th, 2019

On today’s show Joe has open lines and takes your calls.

Reviews the latest Job number, unemployment numbers and the latest Joe Biden fiasco. Sleepy Joe attacks an 83 your old Marine Veteran and Iowa Voter.. calls him names (Fat) and liar.

The IG Report due to come out this next week.

The continued fall out of this faux Impeachment… and the possible backlash the Dems will see in 2020. The improprieties of the Impeachment process and the shame the the hearings are.

Also, the Electoral College and Sen Warren’s promise to eliminate it.

In hour two, Sen Mike Moore joins Joe for Politically Speaking.