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Oct 26th, 2019

On today’s show, Joe kicks off with the latest developments in AG Barr’s look into the 2016 Election/Russian Hoax with the the inquiry now a Criminal Investigation.. changes all the rules.. and people who previously felt above the law are now, understandably, very concerned.

Also Joe dives into the Impeachment Hoax and speculates on why Pelosi did a 180 and switched gears into Impeach Inquiry… still wont make the mistake of a House Vote… like the Constitution requires.. once again they make an attempt to distract the American people and accuse Trump and the Republicans of doing exactly what it is they are trying to get away with and hide from you.

Joe and Hunter Biden: A circle or corruption
Joe Biden and Hunter Biden come up later in the conversation after President Zelinsky brings up Rudy Giuliani, the President’s personal lawyer. Giuliani is a man who made his mark prosecuting mob figures in New York, including John Gotti, before serving as America’s Mayor during and after 9/11.

All of the research Giuliani has produced was discovered and analyzed prior to the close of the Mueller Weissman inquisition. The facts uncovered by him were relative to his defense of the President against unfounded accusations of collusion.

While the vast majority of lynching happened to Blacks, during the 1800s and early 20th century, Italian-Americans were the second-most common target of lynching’s. On March 14, 1891, 11 Italian-Americans were lynched in New Orleans after a jury found them not guilty in the case of the murder of a New Orleans police chief. David Hennessy.
Joe Biden said in 1988 the Clinton Impeachment was a Lynching.. why was that okay.. he took to twitter to slam Trump and apologize at the same time.. he said Trump chose his words deliberately stoke division in US.. when did Biden get the ability to know what is another persons mind?.. he projects the worst possible thing he can think of… does he mean that he doesn’t think before speaking?…. seems that way
Jerry Nadler and John Kerry also used the term Lynching.

In the second hour, Craig Stevens joined Joe to discuss the cost and consequences of protesters.

Joe and Craig talks about the balance of free speech and crossing the line with protests…

DAPL Attackers Face 110 Years- 2 Iowan women who admitted they tampered and tried to cause damage to the Dakota Access Pipeline are indicted by a federal grand jury and face up to 110 years in prison. The indictment says the anti-pipeline activists used gasoline-soaked rags, flaming tires and cutting torches to damage valve sites along the pipeline among other things. Their trial is December 2nd. Earlier this year, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem introduced legislation to recover the cost of policing and cleaning up protests similar to those staged against DAPL that halted construction for months and lead to 177+ arrests

Craig Stevens says these laws are intended to keep everyone safe; the pipeline crews, the residents and the protesters.

Joe also talks with Craig about New research shows that while many Americans fear the First Amendment is under threat, three quarters don’t even know how many amendments make up the Bill of Rights.

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Oct 20th, 2019

On today’s show Joe starts out with a Homeless Mother getting 5 years in prison for registering her son at her babysitters house so he could attend school. While Hollywood Elites and the Rich get slaps on the wrists for bribing, payoffs and Racketeering to get their privileged angels into Ivy League schools

A breakdown of the three top analytical formulas that have Trump winning 2020 in all Electoral College scenarios

The latest Dem Debate and Hillary’s accusations of Russian (Female Presidential Candidates) Agents.

The Information Civil War continues.. and Joe is daubed Colonial

Trumps offer to host the G7 in 2020.. for no profit… and the fallout

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Oct 19th 2019

On today’s show Joe starts our with Teachers and Schools today reviewing a Worcester MA story of a 12 year old boy suspended for “hugging” his gym teacher.. . in hopes of being allowed back into the game.

The Florida Teacher who was fired for giving a 0 to students who didn’t turn in an assignment. The school policy is students are not be given less than a 50 on any assignment…. what say you?

Dr Larry Fedawa joins Joe in hour two to talk about the Trump rally in Minneapolis and the ANTIFA protesters outside… Hillary’s claim Tulsa and Jill Stein are “Russian” agents.

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Oct 13th, 2019

On today’s show.. Joe starts with Suffolk County Sheriff kicking I.C.E. out.. even though they pay millions in rent…

Suffolk DA Rachael Rollins not prosecuting crimes and joining with Middlesex DA to prevent I.C.E. from entering court rooms.. where law and order are suppose to rule

Vaping in MA.. 4 month ban.. why? Why not cigarettes? How does the tax revenue play into it?

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Oct 12th, 2019

On today’s show.. Joe starts with the Minnesota Rally Trump held.. he was on fire.. the protests that followed.

The hoax impeachment..and Biden’s crime family

China, the NBA and other major corps.. special guest Roslyn Layton joined us on today’s show.. we talked about Tik Tok and other threat from Chinese cyber spying.


Oct 6th, 2019

The first Sunday Edition of The Joe Mangiacotti Show!

After 13 years of Conservatively Speaking being on just Saturday mornings.. we’ve expanded to weekend mornings.. Sat and Sun 6 am to 8 am on Flagship station WCRN 830 AM and simulcast on WACE 730 AM in Springfield MA

Joe takes your calls and offers his unique look at the issues of the day.

We are the Common Sense for the Common Citizen look at what is happening all around us and the analysis of the political landscape.


October 5th 2019

Hey folks.. did you miss the debut show of The Joe Mangiacotti Show?

No worries.. you can catch in anytime on, Sound cloud, Twitter and Facebook.

Joe kicks off the first TJM Show .. after 13 years as Conservatively Speaking Joe goes to weekend mornings.. 6 am to 8 am

7 am Sen Mike Moore joins Joe for the segment hour called Politically Speaking.

TJM Show takes calls and examines the issues and headlines of the day