Month: July 2016

Amy Ridenour to join us in the 8:00 am hour..

Amy Ridenour (pronounced RIDE – en – our) is chairman of The National Center for Public Policy Research. As the founding chief executive officer, she has since 1982 promoted the conservative perspective on U.S. domestic, foreign and defense policy issues. Global Warming


Barbara Walters on Jane Fonda: Jane Fonda was on 3 times this week talking about her new book… and how good she feels in her 70’s… She still does not know what she did wrong… Her book just may not make the bestseller list if more people knew. Barbara Walters said: Thank you all. Many…

Untouched for almost seven decades, the tunnel used in the Great Escape has finally been unearthed.

The 111-yard passage nicknamed ‘Harry’ by Allied prisoners was sealed by the Germans after the audacious break-out from the POW camp Stalag Luft III in western Poland. Despite huge interest in the subject, encouraged by the film starring Steve McQueen, the tunnel remained undisturbed over the decades because it was behind the Iron Curtain and…

World domination from within – much smarter than the Nazis…………….. we should all be worried !

I know that some of you aren’t enthused about Donald Trump but it does explains some things. WOW !!!!! This is absolutely unthinkable that nobody especially the CIA would have noticed this…. Trump is starting to look better all the time. This information has all been checked, then double checked… it is 100% Correct. That’s…

General Eisenhower’s Final Warning

Whatch the warning..

BOMBSHELL.. Obama never meet with a key Intelligence Director!

BOMBSHELL: Obama Didn’t Meet With His Defense Intelligence Chief ONE. SINGLE. TIME.

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Begin forwarded This vote only requires you to forward it to someone else for it to be counted. YES OR NO As many of you are aware, the Knights of Columbus submitted to congress that the words “Under God” should be added to our pledge of allegiance. Both Houses of Congress passed the law and…