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Anti-Gun Senator Makes a Fool of Himself

Published on Jan 18, 2014

Rabidly anti-gun CA State Senator Kevin de Leon (a Democrat from Los Angeles) made a real fool of himself at a press conference for his new gun control bill when he demonstrated both his command of the English language and the extent of his firearms knowledge.

Click Here for Video:


Sen. Gowdy Exposes IRS Commissioner Koskinen As An Imcompent Tool

Trey Gowdy Didn’t Just Dress Down The

IRS Commissioner, He Left Him Naked

If half the members of Congress called the other half on their bull .. maybe, just maybe some good work would get done and a lot of the pork, backroom deals and overall fleecing of the American people would cease?

This is how a Congressional panelist should get to the bottom… check out this video:

Click Her:


Hillary Clinton says legal gun owners terrioze the majority…

During a town hall type meeting Hillary was asked about gun control, click here to listen to her answer:

Click Here, courtesy of CNN:


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