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Your common sense guide to voting:

Common Sense Guide to Voting

On Tuesday, November 6, 2012

By  Len Mead,

Barack Obama

Mitt Romney

Current President, Democrat, former community organizer and Illinois Senator.  Smooth and cool, one of the best public speakers using a teleprompter in history. Republican candidate for President, successful business-man, ran the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics,  former MA Governor.  Devout, earnest but somewhat stiff in public.
Promised “hope and change. ” Spent $6 Trillion of borrowed money to improve US economy.  No results. Proposes hard spending and tax cuts to stimulate private sector job growth and reduce $16 trillion national debt.
Believes government can better manage our auto industry, banks, healthcare.  Virtually nationalizes them. Believes private sector competition has always produced the best products, lowest prices, and highest wealth.
Forced through approval of government run healthcare, “Obamacare,” claiming it gives more care at lower costs.  Intentionally sets employer fines lower than costs for not providing “government approved” healthcare plans. Would repeal Obamacare.  One reason – the Heritage Foundation estimates 11 to  35 million will lose their employee healthcare plans altogether because the low fines motivate employers to drop their existing plans.
Believes man-made global warming justifies restrictions on energy drilling, resulting in gasoline prices doubling and oil dependency on foreign regimes who hate us. Believes lower energy prices drive our free economy growth.  Will expand abundant US energy exploration lowering costs and making us energy independent.
Funneled $billions of public money to campaign donors in 12 “green energy” companies — now all are bankrupt.  Raised regulation costs on our coal industry (now  providing 36% of all our electricity) to slowly destroy it. Invested $millions of private Bain Capital funds in 77 troubled business with 80% success. 100,000 plus jobs gained at Staples, Sports Authority, Steel Dynamics.  Boosted income $100 billion at all companies backed.
Doubled food stamp dependency to 49 million, grew  un/underemployed to 25 million – or 17%.  Largest current job losses are blacks, minorities and women. Plans private sector growth with lower taxes and less government  regulations.  Wants free market to make decisions creating wealth, jobs and less dependency.
Largely to pay for government-run Obamacare, will imple-ment the largest tax increases in US history.  Example: taxes go up $2,000 for a family earning $30-40,000. Plans to repeal and replace Obamacare and cut tax rates 20% for everyone stimulating spending, business growth, less unemployment and thus MORE taxes paid.
Allowed continuation of regulations forcing banks to lend to minorities for housing they couldn’t afford.  Result was  bankruptcies, foreclosures,  40% drop in housing values and then even more regulations and bank bailouts. Would let bankruptcy and refinancing allow real estate values to finally hit bottom and then rebound. Currently, the median 3-year family net worth has plunged $49,000 (39%) to  $77,300 according to the Federal Reserve.
Uses  “Executive Orders” and  32 “Czars” to by-pass  our constitution.  Blocks Arizona from enforcing federal immigration laws, forces birth control on Catholic Church, rounds up a private citizen at 1:40AM for exercising his free speech rights making an anti-Islam internet video. Believes our Constitution guarantees our rights which come from our creator—not government.  Will fire the 32 un-elected, unregulated “Czars” (most with socialist ideology).  Will repeal executive orders and appoint an Attorney General to protect, not persecute citizens.
Does not believe America is exceptional relative to the world.  Apologizes to Arabs hoping Muslims will treat us better, but mid-east now in flames with terrorist attacks. Champions peace through strength.  Would stop military defense cuts, strengthen Israel ties, improve intelligence so armed Marines could defend our embassies,
Thinks the world “safer” with fewer US nuclear warheads. Plans reductions to only 300 even though our enemies have thousands more.  Is caught on open mike saying to Russia, “I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” Believes our nuclear weakness will only encourage our Russian, Iranian, North Korean and Chinese enemies to become more aggressive and possibly consider a launch against us —  not caring if 30% of their own people die.
Proposes higher taxes but in 3 years no approved Senate budget which would start reducing government spending.  Thus, $trillion dollar deficits will continue & grow. Asserts that the exploding national debt from $10.6 trillion to over $16 trillion under Obama is un-sustainable and will destroy us.  Has posted a Romney/Ryan  plan to fix it.
Believes capitalism doesn’t work, that government should re-distribute wealth.  Wants to continue the failed welfare programs that have trapped generations in poverty. Declares that when 47% pay no federal taxes and depend on government,  America is close to collapsing like socialist Europe where all will share misery equally.
Believes our greatness is because of government “help.” Believes free, unfettered individuals are our greatness.

Under the Fedora Debates Debates and oh Debates

I’d like to say I delayed Under the Fedora so I could comment on the Presidential debate, but that would be a lie, I’m a tad sick and when I’m sick I’m totally Rubbish as the British would say so I’m a bit behind.


2 min before the debate I’m wondering which candidate will congratulate Miguel Cabrera on his triple crown.  I really didn’t think I’d see another one in my lifetime.

One of the worst things about this political season is I’ve had no time to follow the most amazing baseball season in years,  Not only the triple crown consider:

  •  The Oakland A’s have made one of the most fantastic comebacks in history made even more incredible by their tiny payroll.
  • We have seen the AL playoff spots not decided until the final day of the season
  • We have seen the Washington Nationals finish with the best record in baseball

And instead I’m chasing candidates

On the bright side I missed a lot of what was a disastrous season for the Red Sox.


Didn’t realize his was President Obama’s Anniversary spending it with  Mitt Romney was not much fun.

He should have listened to Michelle and just taken in a show or something.


Mitt Romney mentioned his 5 point plan, I’ve heard him speak of it on the trail as has Stacy McCain

UPDATE 9:09 p.m. ET: Mitt opens with humorous anniversary congratulations, then goes into his 5-Point Plan for economic recovery. Having followed Mitt on the trail, I’ve heard this a zillion times, but for many of the 50 million people watching, it’s new.

but it never got covered by the MSM now the people will hear it for the first time.   In fact on Morning Joe the next day Mika asked if the same Mitt Romney who turned up tonight will be on the campaign trail.

Earth to Mika, That Mitt has been there all along, you just haven’t reported on him or your stringers haven’t bothered, but I’m jumping ahead.


Barack Obama was talking tax cuts rather amazing, I don’t think the listeners are going to buy it.

Mitt Romney coins a phrase “Trickle down government”, good line.  Strangely enough I didn’t hear it quoted the next day on CNN or MSNBC, I’m sure I just missed it, there is after all no chance they would ignore such a perfect quip just because a republican said it.

It’s interesting to consider the scale involved here.  On Sunday I covered a congressional debate on Sunday between Jon Golnik & Niki Tsongas for the 3rd Massachusetts district at Concord Carlisle high school in Concord Ma.  The pre debate buzz was an interview with Jon Golnik the day before at a Scott Brown event


The crowd was tiny maybe 160 people,  the press consisted of me, a guy from and one other person.  It was easy to follow the tweets because I was pretty much the only one tweeting.

Fast forward 24 hours.  I’m covering Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren squaring off at the Tsongas Center in Lowell for the Senate Seat that Brown won in a special election 2010.  There was no shortage of buzz in the papers and on local TV.  Howie Carr author and longtime NE Radio host broadcast live from arena (and gave me an interview.



Union activists showed up pre-debate en masse and appeared very loudly for Elizabeth Warren and the large crowd filled the thousands of seats very easily.

The press had our own room and a nice spread, there were more press present at the Brown / Warren debate than attendees at the Golnik Warren one.  David Gregory of Meet the Press was the moderator and the tweet stream was a constant flow but manageable


Two days later the Brown Debate was forgotten as the Presidential debate was a media event all over the nation.  All day the cable news networks talked of nothing else dwarfing the heavy coverage of the previous debates.  Show after show took place in Denver in anticipation of the nights events.  In addition to the number of people at the debate itself tens of thousands all over the country watch the debate with friends and political supporters while Millions of Americans who hitherto had paid little heed to politics turned their sets to the debate (and I suspect those sets that started on the Yankess RedSox game for the AL East Division didn’t want long to change to trade the one sided slaughter in NY for the one in Denver) and the debate generated over 11 million tweets.  The steam was so fast one didn’t so much follow the streams as much as tweet yourself and wait.

Quite a difference but it should be pointed out the 33 senate races and 435 house races in the fall will have the same huge impact on the direction of the country as the presidential race


But back to the debate itself Romney seemed in Command of his facts and totally in control, he also never took his eyes off President Obama, meanwhile the leader of the free world kept looking down or away like a teenage son caught in a fib, an allusion that Romney used.


More importantly was the lack of the MSM support, during the Scott Brown/Elizabeth Warren debate Brown totally dominated Warren with a performance before the break so powerful that if it was a boxing match it would have been stopped before the 30 minute mark.  After the commercial break David Gregory did his best to hold Professor Warren up throwing softball after softball in her direction while hitting Brown with questions designed to split off either the GOP base or the Democrats he needs to get over the finish line on election day.

Jim Lehrer did nothing of the sort, allowing the debaters to go after each other without much separation.  He was roundly critiqued online over this, after all it is understood the job of the MSM and the moderators to help the democrat candidate in any way possible, even at the small congressional debate the League of Women Voters the audience questions were asked by the moderator after league screening and seemed to be decidedly to the left.

I suspect the MSM will be less hesitant to do tag team against Romney over during the debates to follow.

One oft heard MSM complaint the next morning was no mention of the “47% meme the media has pushed for weeks, IowaHawk’s David Burge explained:

There is a running joke that the worst job you can imagine is the guy who has to clean the Starship  Enterprise’s holodeck but for my money the worst job I can think of was being a democrat in the spin room in Denver yesterday, as Byron York Explains:

After a few minutes of interviews, and the arrival of still more Romney surrogates, some reporters looked around and asked: Are there any Democrats here?  Where are the Obama advisers and surrogates eager to speak for the president?

It took a while for them to show up.  And when they arrived, they were on the defensive from the get-go about the president’s performance.

It’s one thing to spin away a 5 year old speech that the public has not seen in its entirety as the press did on Tuesday, It’s quite another to declare the president the winner of a debate to an audience of millions who just saw the entire thing.  It just doesn’t work.

Sort of like the Avengers Movie, it was spectacular in the Theatre on the big screen but I think it will really lose something on the small screen.

Speaking of the small screen am I the only person totally disappointed with the Doctor Who fall season finale.  Not only do we get to play the “Let’s fix everything with a giant paradox” game for the umpteenth time from Moffatt, but the Amy Rory resolution was so weak as to be unbelievable.

Moffatt is not a bad writer and has written some of the best individual Dr. Who episodes but will someone PLEASE tell him that same plot resolution every time just gets old.

Sort of like Barack Obama, that’s the real story of the debate as I put it that night:

In every poll even the ones so skewed that it you would guess they were taken at the SEIU vs NAACP charity softball game the Right Track/Wrong Track Numbers are upside down for the President.

The American People want an excuse to replace this president, Mitt Romney needed do to one basic thing, show the American People that he is an acceptable and competent alternative.

That’s a very low threshold and he didn’t just clear it, he pole vaulted

The MSM will spend the next few day trying to spin this debate but the people they need to spin likely aren’t watching or reading.

Take care and  if you live anywhere near Worcester Mass, you might want to keep Oct 20th open,  more details next week.