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The Scarecrow comes out!


You didn’t build that… someone else did!!

I found Barack Husane Obama’s comments very offensive when he said, “You did not build your business,  the government did.”

All I can say is where the hell was the government when I was working my butt off 14 hours a day, seven days a week. I could not afford to take a vacation or time off when sick.

How much of an investment did the government put into the business – nada (not one cent)! They just take.

While entrepreneurs are working their buns off to have the American dream, Obama was too busy smoking weed and dreaming of Marxism. His only accomplishment in life was a community agitator.

When you have an idea and want to pursue that dream, the government does everything it can to hamper you. (The only ones government helps is Solyndra (green energy) or  big bundlers (money) for Obama.) You sell what you can to raise capital, re-mortgage your house (if you can) just to take big risks to live the American dream. Not Obama’s American dream of welfare, food stamps and disability.

To bring it into perspective, the other morning I went for a mile walk. I was attacked by horse flies. I’d kill one, another would appear. I associated the horse flies with government. They are there for the free money through government regulations, taxes, compliance (A.D.A., etc.) fees and burdensome permitting.

The government is not there to help. It’s there to take everything they can (by hook or crook). They are like scavengers.

Also the government does not build the roads or bridges, the working taxpayers do. In fact, most of the major roads were started by the Indians or the pioneers.



Under the Fedora Angry liberals, Bow NH, and Ichrio

You know I often wonder if the president would be less uptight if he didn’t have his mother in law living with him.


At a protest against Obamacare a group of young men from the Tradition Family and Property Student Action got more than they bargained for when a man knocked over their flag bearer and prepared to start swinging while they were praying the Rosary.

Boy! Protesting Obamacare, Praying and not just praying , praying the Rosary talk about the trifecta to get the a person of the left’s knickers in a twist.


The left has set it sights on Chick-fil-A for daring DARING to support groups that favor marriage, you know marriage as it’s been defined forever until a few years ago.

The Muppet people have pulled away from them and a boycott is to be expected, but I suspect it will be more painful for them than for Chick-fil-a. The left already had it in for them for daring to close on Sunday’s in obedience to the commandment so it is unlikely to cost them any customers they didn’t already lose, meanwhile faithful Christians tend to have a lot of children and they will remember the Henson company’s move long after this has gone off the front page.

As for Chick-fil-A none of this likely bothers them, as people who wear their Christianity on their sleeve they know what scripture says:

Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you (falsely) because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven. Thus they persecuted the prophets who were before you.  Matthew 5:10-12

Nobody likes to be leaned on, but both the Chick-Fil-A crowd and the Student Group above understand the rewards that come of it.

Meanwhile back in the race for president the White House is still reeling from the fallout from the President’s Virginia Speech. Only the horrible events in Colorado has given the President’s campaign a breather to figure out what to do.

The most interesting thing about the issue was how long it took the MSM and the left to figure out this was going to be an actual problem. That lack of recognition says as much about their belief system than what the president did.

I was in Bow NH the day of the Shooting to Cover Mitt Romney, what had been planned as a Red Meat event turned into a memorial for the dead. After a short speech Gov Romney, Senator Ayotte and Fr. Christian Tutor who gave the opening prayer lined up at the exit and personally thanked each attendee for coming.

I spoke to Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH) as the “receiving line” proceeded

I also spoke to Fr. Tutor when the line was completed

And to one of he attendees

The most important take away from the event was Romney carried himself very presidentially.

Barack Obama has actually done a pretty good job on the Colorado killings. Likely the best job he’s done on any issue in a whlle.

That’s a good thing, I’d rather have the president do the right thing.

Speaking of the right thing apparently several men died protecting their women in Aurora. They are being hailed as heroes.

I want to know why feminists and people who cry about the equality of women are not screaming in anger? Why shouldn’t the women be jumping in front of the men. Will Mika complain on Morning Joe that there was a bullet gap?

A lot of people complain about old fashioned chivalry right up until the moment when strong manly men are needed.


Scott Brown has decided to jump all over the Obama “you didn’t build it” bandwagon with an ad so powerful that Media Matters favorite lackey Greg Sergeant called him a liar.

This is going to have a devastating effect in Massachusetts.

Val Prieto of Babalu blog tweeted on the silence of Conservative media concerning the suspicious death of Oswaldo Payá. Unfortunately he is right, tweeted I didn’t write about it until he tweeted that out but Romney did. That says something about Mitt. Something good.

Covered the GOP debate in Ma-3 between Jon Golnik and Tom Weaver Tuesday.

I like both candidates Weaver is likely closer to me on everything except foreign policy but I will have no problem supporting either candidate against Nikki Tsongas. Here is one take on the debate

Brown won this district by 15 points but everyone is ignoring this race due to the money difference. I think this is a real sleeper race and the GOP is foolish to ignore it.

I’m not a big college football fan so I’ve not really felt the need to write about the Joe Paterno business, but as everyone else has I’ll say four things:

  • Bob Shrum was right, you should never build statues of people while they are still alive.
  • I’m not a big fan of vacating wins, that’s changing the past, why not simply acknowledge that Paterno by his silence did something horrible while also acknowledging in terms of coaching football he was one of the best. I see nothing no reason for these statements to be mutually exclusive.
  • Forgetting for a moment the morality of the issue considering that the Church’s scandal was with Penn State’s knowledge of this issue I simply can’t see how the college figured covering for Sandusky was the smart thing.
  • Now that the sanctions have been levied I’m waiting for our liberal friends to demand Penn state ban celibacy and allow coaches and faculty to marry, after all we were told for years that was the root cause of this problem.


Some baseball, all is not right in the world, Ichrio, one of my favorite players has been traded to the NY Yankees. His career reminds me of Lefty Grove Ichrio spent years in Japan ruling the roost before he played a game in the majors. Grove didn’t reach the majors for years because the minor league Baltimore Orioles didn’t want to lose the pitcher that led them to championship after championship.

Grove retired with “Only” 300 wins led the A’s to but can arguably be called the greatest pitcher who ever lived.
Ichrio has yet to lead his team to a World Series (although he led Japan to two victories in the World Baseball Classic) and is as of Tuesday at 3:30 is 466 hits away from 3000. (not counting his 1278 hits in Japan). He should be one of the easiest all of fame candidates the voters have ever seen.

He reminds me of Pete Rose in terms of hitting and is only 444 hits behind Rose if you count his hits in Japan.

I never saw Pete Rose play, or Ichrio play in person but if I was building my an all-time team both of them would be on it.

Oh since I brought him up, In my opinion Pete Rose is one of the greatest players ever to play the game and one of the first men you would pick on any team as nobody ever played harder than he did. I also think he should NOT go in the Hall of Fame. Every single day he passed by the sign saying “Bet on Baseball and you are banned” and still did it. Baseball can’t put him in the HOF given that fact.

I see absolutely no contradiction in those two statements.

Oh, one last thing. The list of the top 150 conservative blogs came out this week and for the first time DaTechGuy’s blog made the list at #139. My thanks to all of you who helped make that happen.


Obama Has not been had a Jobs Council Meeting in over 6 months


What we should be doing on the Fourth…

Disclaimer: The following article was dropped off at the station by one of our listeners. The newspaper in which the article appeared and by whom the article was written have been cut off so, unfortunately, I cannot give credit where credit is due. But do want to thank our listener for keeping us informed.

Come July 4th it’s thoughts of a long weekend – gas prices, the car’s GPS, picnics, which houseguests we can avoid, which hostesses we can invade, do ants prefer Hellmans or Miracle Whip. Shouldn’t thoughts maybe turn to the original Fourth of July?

It was 56 Founding Fathers from 13 colonies who signed The Declaration of Independence 231 years ago. Benjamin Franklin was the oldest – 70. Ed Rutledge, from North Carolina, was 26; the youngest. The president of our Second Continental Congress, the famous John Hancock of Massachusetts, who grew to have an insurance company named after him, was 39.Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson, 33. Most were late 30s, early 40s. Seven were sixty-ish. Three in their 20s.

Per the Plymouth Rock Foundation’s Rus Walton, they who Signed For Us were merchants, farmers, lawyers, physicians, one a bond servant, 10 pastors’ sons. Not one had a hedge fund, none was fromSilicon Valley. Roger Sherman ofConnecticut, who now has a nice little inn in his name inNew Canaan, was a shoemaker’s apprentice and learned reading via books propped on his bench.

Leader of the Sons of Liberty, delegate Samuel Adams – who has since become a world-class beer – arrived in Philly’s Pennsylvania State House, known as “Independence Hall,” dressed in new suit, stockings, wig, shoes, all donated by supporters.

After signing to pledge their lives and “Sacred Honor” to the cause of Independence, it was Presbyterian pastor Dr. John Witherspoon, founder of what today is Princeton, who added the final phrase that gave God a hand in this whole thing: “ … with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence.”

It was in The Proceedings of The Virginia Convention in The First Continental Congress in the town ofVirginiainSt. John’sChurchthat Deputy Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” Following that speech,America’s patriots voted onJuly 4, 1776, without dissent. John Hancock signed boldly so “John Bull can read my name without spectacles and may now double his reward of 500 pounds on my head.”

Voting “Aye” that “these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be, free and Independent States,” they became marked men. King George III declared them rebels and traitors. The penalty for treason: hanging. Being deeply committed to principles bedrock to the Declaration and signing for this new country meant death.

And as we barbecue and snorkel and sip warm iced tea, how many of them can we name?





First signer to die, seven months later, John Morton ofPennsylvania.South Carolina’s Arthur Middleton and Thomas Heyward were captured during the siege of Charleston. British troops destroyedGeorgia’s Dr. Lyman Hall, killed another in a duel, captured another in the battle of Savannah.

All the property of four New Yorkers was destroyed. Wealthy importer Philip Livingston lost his townhouse inNew York City, his country place in BrooklynHeights, and died a pauper in 1778. Francis Lewis – now known mostly because of his boulevard inQueens– saw his wife brutalized, taken prisoner and die shortly thereafter. William Floyd ofLong Islandsuffered a scorched-earth policy and hid out for seven years. You should know that when you speed on his parkway.

New Jerseyites. John Hart, hunted through the woods like an animal. Abraham Clark, jailed on the enemy’s notorious prison shipJerseywhen it was reported, “New Yorkharbor is heavy with the stench of the dying.” Justice Richard Stockton, imprisoned, abused, starved, died of maltreatment. Brigadier Gen. Thomas Nelson, at the final battle ofYorktown, personally directed the cannon fire that destroyed his own home.

The instant these newfangled, newly named Americans declaredIndependence, a massive British force landed to seizeNew York CityonSept. 6, 1776. Then the overmatched George Washington retreated to northernManhattanwhere now stands the bridge that bears his name.

Sept. 20, the enemy burned one-quarter ofNew York City.

Sept. 22, Connecticut’s 21-year-old Capt. Nathan Hale, fresh from his Yale graduation, was the first American executed for spying. His last words: “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” A plaque at 66th and Third marked the site of Hale’s execution.

So, while you’re fuming at Montauk Highway’s traffic, buying Sunday-brunch goodies at H&H Bagel, watching fireworks along the East Riveror complaining bitterly about the broken screen door on your weekend place in upstate Bedford, remember what July 4th really means.

The spirit of our beloved nation has not dissipated. The goodness and glory of this land is not of yesterday – but of today and tomorrow. Let this be OUR declaration.


God BlessAmerica.


Tale of Two Doctors

Two patients limp into two different medical clinics with the same complaint. Both have trouble walking and appear to require hip surgery. The FIRST patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and has a time booked for surgery the following week.
The SECOND sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment, then waits 8 weeks to see a specialist, then gets an x-ray, which isn’t reviewed for another week, and finally has his surgery scheduled for 6 months from then, pending the review boards’ decision on his age and remaining value to society.
Why the different treatment for the two patients?
The FIRST is a Golden Retriever taken to a vet.
The SECOND is a Senior Citizen on Obama care.
In November, if Obama and his Czars get another term, we’ll all have to find a good vet.

BarryHinckley: More Jobs, Less Politics. As Senator I’ll fight for real tax reform so our small businesses can grow

Listen to his Interview on Conservatively Speaking:

Hinckley Interview

Eight grandfathers ago, Barry Hinckley’s forebear, Col. James Barrett, commanded the regiment of Minutemen at Concord, credited with firing one of the first shots at the advancing British across the North Bridge. Col. Barrett’s family farm still stands today and has since become a local landmark. In honor of this American hero’s inimitable spirit, Barry is running for U.S. Senate in Rhode Island with the goal of restoring our great nation’s security and ensuring a prosperous future for our children. The status quo today spells disaster for this nation. Fortunately, changing the status quo is a Hinckley family tradition.

A lifelong New Englander from a family of boat builders, Barry understands the significance of the marine manufacturing industry and its place at the heart of Rhode Island’s economy. As a citizen, Barry has witnessed rampant government regulation drive jobs and revenue out of his State, weakening its core industry. Every Rhode Island family has endured the fallout from these harmful policies in some way, and have a poignant story to tell: from a father losing his job, to a sister who’s unable to make payroll at her small business, to the son trying desperately to find a job and put himself through college. Barry is committed to changing the narrative so Rhode Islanders can start telling positive stories about growth, economic independence and opportunity.

Barry has 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and a long track record of creating jobs. Barry founded the company, Bullhorn Software, which now employs 150 people and earns over $25 Million in revenue. Under Barry’s stewardship, Bullhorn consistently grew its revenue year-by-year, making it one of Boston Business Journal’s, “10 Fastest Growing Private Companies” in New England five years running. The company Barry built has won over fifty different industry awards, and in 2005 Barry was named one of Boston’s “40 under 40” successful businessmen. He was also a finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2009.

As Senator, Barry will implement the same private sector leadership that propelled Bullhorn to success. He will work tirelessly to ensure Rhode Islanders that same opportunity to flourish. We require a next generation leader with demonstrated vision, drive and spirit to break the federal government’s stronghold over our job creators. Rhode Islanders deserve to be praised, not penalized, for pursuing their dreams and for contributing to our local and national economy. They deserve a Senator who understands and who will enable them to succeed at whatever their chosen path may be. Every company in the world looking to expand its operations should look no further than Rhode Island, and we must work together to put our home-state on that map. It’s time to leverage Rhode Island’s resources, nimble size, marine economy and eager workforce to become the state that leads America out of recession and back to glory. We need a businessman, not a bureaucrat, to solve the problems our federal government has created.

Literally hundreds of thousands of pages of regulation are crushing the American Dream – YOUR dream – every day. Washington’s spending spree has run our economy into the ground and our massive debt burden is no longer sustainable. As Senator, Barry will declare war on our debts and deficit by eliminating earmarks, cutting all redundant programs, and fighting for a constitutionally-sound Balanced Budget Amendment. In addition, Barry vows to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with health care reform that actually lowers costs and promotes innovation, making cutting edge health care affordable and accessible to more people.

Our staggering 67,000-page tax code is also in desperate need of reform. For years, Barry has worked as a tax reformer and has a proven plan in place to tackle this challenge. Barry supports a fairer, simpler tax code that will help facilitate economic expansion. The best social program is a good job, but those jobs can only exist in an economy strengthened by lower taxes. Simply put, we need a 21st century tax code for a 21st century economy.

For too long, politicians have kicked the “entitlement reform” can down the road hoping someone else will fix the problem. Barry believes the federal government must stop looting the Social Security Trust Fund and treating it like its own personal petty cash drawer. Rhode Island has one of the largest senior populations in the country and we owe it to them to treat Social Security as retirement savings. Our citizens contribute much of their hard earned income to Social Security and those funds deserve to be respected and used for their intended purpose.

If we truly seek to effect change, from the halls of Washington to the seaside towns of Rhode Island, we must elect a leader with executive experience, not a career politician. The time for our current leaders to tinker around the edges has passed. Barry Hinckley promises to delve deep into the heart of the matters that affect us all, with bold leadership and fresh ideas, to create the strong Rhode Island, and America, our children deserve.


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Under the Fedora: Riding through, Discount Porn & Captain Kirk

If you have read my blog for any length of time you know that I’ve been predicting disaster for the left in general and Obama in particular since last year. I’ve written dozens of posts tagged “ride right through them” detailing the evidence of my contention and containing the battle cry:

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

The general reception to these repeated declarations of the weakness of the Obama message, the sight of democrat after democrat running from Obama and repeated electoral defeats for the left have been a level of disbelief and skepticism from my fellow conservatives tinged with a degree of fatalism so large that I thought I was talking with Red Sox Fans circa 2003.

Imagine then my delight when I saw this post at The Other McCain that included this bit in his argument:


Obama has already “shot his wad,” as Jennifer Rubin puts it, and the incessant rants about Bain Capital and outsourcing don’t seem to have moved the polls significantly in Obama’s direction. Democrats appear to be apporaching that point at which Pete Da Tech Guy likes to invoke the famous words of General Sheridan yelled to his cavalry: “Ride right through them — they’re demoralized as hell!”


The title of his post? They’re Demoralized as hell

Between his piece, the Rubin piece he referenced and Glenn’s remark in his Instalanche quoting me…

“They aren’t spending their money in the middle of summer in the hopes of defining Romney to an audience that isn’t paying attention, they are spending the money NOW to keep their poll numbers from collapsing prior to the fall campaign season. This isn’t about getting ahead, it’s about treading water long enough for something ANYTHING to come along and save them.” Perhaps the horse will learn to sing.


…I think people might finally be figuring out that the emperor has no clothes.



Jim Geraghty asks why so many pollsters Oversample Democrats? That’s because the purpose of the poll is not to inform, it’s to create a narrative of victory and frankly it because they have so little confidence in their actual beliefs.


Oh and Hotair Headlines calls this the “Latest pollster fad”? Fad? This has been going on for years




Some blogger is referring to Kate Upton as “fat Piggie”.



Kate_Upton_SI2012-5 (Photo credit: discutivo)



Hey you don’t know from fat, take it from a Fat guy with two fat sons, I know Fat, Kate Upton isn’t fat. I’d still throw her out of bed, if I didn’t the wife would kill me if she didn’t die of shock her last words being: “You’ve GOT to be kidding.”


Speaking of beds and throwing out, Saw two rather amazing tangentely connected things. Comcast has created a whole new “bargain” porn section with a single short scene for less than half the price of a “regular” movie. Meanwhile according to the sign at Fitchburg’s Porn shop on Lunenburg Street they have expanded to include a “Smoke shop” in the place.


That’s how bad the Obama economy is, Porn shops have to diversify and On Demand Porno is discounting.


You know there used to be a real-estate office and the Old Pop’s Pizza in the building where the porn show is now. Pops sold to a small franchise Parrot Pizza but once the Porn shop was in the other half of the building it was pretty much over for the Pizza place.



I remember when Comic Con was just a convention for geeks like me. These days it’s become big and and apparently Carrie Fisher and William Shatner are using the occasion to start feuding again over Star Trek vs Star Wars. My thought, they are different animals, I prefer Trek to Star Wars, but neither can hold a candle to Doctor Who and I tweeted that out

Imagine my surprise when I got this reply from William Shatner himself

Interviewing congressmen, senators, governors and the next president of the US that’s great, getting tweeted by Shatner, now THAT’s Cool.

As I said that day..Jonah Goldberg eat your heart out.


Speaking of Jonah, last week I was on a Blogger Panel with him talking about his new book The Tyranny of Cliches. Here is a clip from the event

I interviewed him after the fact as well.

You can buy Jonah’s book here


My thanks to Michael Graham of 96.9 WTKK for inviting me even though I still owe him a steak dinner.


Do you like fun graphics I took this photo of a car in front of me on the way to the Jonah Goldberg blogger event

Either the driver doesn’t read any conservative outlet and is thus unaware of Warren’s indian scandal or some dems simply have no sense of irony.

Oh and I know the shot is blurry, I shot it while driving 50+ MPH on route 2 heading east. Most unhealthy of me.

A Dr. Mercola believes he knows something that is less healthy, those drug ads that we are bombarded with lately

It’s a marketing bonanza that’s turned America into a medicated mass of people who’ve been brain-washed into thinking that taking pills will make everything better―even for ailments you might not have. But it’s a brilliant move for Big Pharma, who has now turned the consumer into their very own sales rep, and a persuasive one at that.

I disagree, when I see those ads it seems that they all contain a list of side effects so horrible and unending that if I had the ailment the advertised drugs were treating I’d still with the aches and pains I’m used to.



The online site Digg sold for $500,000 a huge drop from the amount invested in the company. I’ve noticed it has been on the receiving end of a lot of grief over this drop in revenue ,but let me give you two graphics that can put this in perspective

That graphic represents the number of Burger King franchises you can buy for the price Digg was sold for while this graphic represents the number of fries you can buy for the price Newsweek was sold for.

Success is relative.


In Fl-9 Mark Oxner is running an ad that deals with Success:

If Florida chooses Alan Grayson over Oxner it deserves all it gets from him.


Had an amazing guest this week. I interviewed author Eugene Walton author of African Immigrants & African Americans community or conflict which talks about the rift between Blacks who came from Africa in the last 50 years who he refers to as immigrants and black American descended from slaves who he refers to as “descendants”. There is an incredible quote from the volume:

African immigrants want no “community” with African Americans because their attitudes toward the Descendants are so negative as to make such a relationship incompatible and highly unlikely. After all, who wants “community” with “lazy losers who didn‘t take advantage of opportunities,” who are unpredictable and violent– whose association represents only downward assimilation?

Apparently this is an issue slowing boiling in the Black community that nobody is talking about.


On a related subject there was an interesting quote from a Buzzfeed piece about Obama’s non visit to the NAACP convention


Alvin Chambliss, a retired law professor at Texas Southern University and lifelong members of the NAACP, blamed Obama’s advisers — particularly Valerie Jarrett — for his decision not to show up, echoing a common complaint here about the people in the president’s inner circle. Chambliss, who called the president’s absence “a downer,” said Jarrett is too afraid of Obama becoming defined by his race, and has led him to take his African-American supporters for granted.

“I don’t think there’s anyone around the president who’s really, truly from the black community,”


Hey Obama’s father is from Kenya, just sayin


DaTechGuy on DaRadio was the first radio show to host Dr. Walton as he promotes his book. It must be a popular destination since I can’t go 24 hours without several e-mails offering to provide me with authors, experts and assorted guests to appear on the show.


I guess that’s a sign I’m making it. Of course when I can’t go a day without a call asking me to carry ads on the show then I’ll KNOW I’ve made it…

…As if the Shatner tweet wasn’t evidence enough.


“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that” — President Obama

Tell President Obama that hard-working individuals create successful businesses, not government. Sign the petition if you agree