private, one-day bus trip leaving the Boston area on Thursday, February 26 for CPAC in Washington, D.C. It will return to Boston the following day.

You may already know local pro-liberty supporter Brad Wyatt. He has arranged this one-day, round-trip bus for students and local activists to attend CPAC — the biggest annual political conference.

For students, the bus tickets are only $20. For adults, the bus tickets are $65.

Then, purchase your CPAC ticket and one-night hotel room with YAL. Prices range from $25 if you only need a student ticket, all the way up to $230 for a non-student ticket with a two-person hotel room.

Seating is very limited, so book ASAP.

Here’s the two-step process:
Step 1: RSVP on Eventbrite for the bus
Step 2: Register for CPAC with YAL
It’s that simple